Snapchat: So you created a group chat

Snapchat could stand out with its unique features from the beginning of the mass of the Messenger. Many apps try of this cake now cut off a piece and copy some features, but now must sometimes Snapchat with a popular feature to follow suit: the Group Chat&# 8230; but of course in Snapchat-style.

With these tricks you bring everything from Snapchat out (video):

11348Five Snapchat tricks

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It is all well and good again and again back with his friends funny pictures, videos and messages and herzusenden and thus build a Snapchat Streak. But to send each contact individual images is actually just a waste of time if you want to send the same message to several friends. Sure, this could also use Snapchat stories, but that's more of a one-sided experience. Snapchat has now for Christmas meets with the Group Chat fits the desire of many Snapchat fans.

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Snapchat Group Chat &# 8211; This provides the Group Entertainment

Snapchat group chat CoverWith the new feature &Groups; # 8220&# 8221; can you now start with up to 16 friends a group chat in Snapchat-style. This means that even in the group chat messages automatically disappear after 24 hours and sent Snaps from each member of the group can be opened only once.

Of course you can start several groups and thus exchange you with various small groups. Each group member can also normally contribute news and snaps, so &# 8211; unlike the Snapchat Story feature &# 8211; all participants can read everything and look at what was posted in the respective group.

Snapchat &# 8211; So you create a group chat

To use the Groups feature, you need the latest version of Snapchat. As you Snapchat can update manually and all the important innovation of the Messengers, we have summarized you see the following: Snapchat update and new features.

A group chat can you create it with each new Snap or by starting a new chat. Just go for it as follows:

  1. Makes a snap that you want to share with your friends.
  2. then typed in at Arrow Send icon.
    Snapchat Send To button
  3. Now choose Create Group.
    Create Snapchat Group Chat
  4. Next, can you give your group a name by typing their New Group.
    Snapchat New Group
  5. Finally, you just need to select from the list including the friends you want to add to the group.

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