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Have you not YouTube on your Android device or the Play Store just down, it makes sense to download the APK of Google's video platform. We clarify you on about the benefits of the new version of YouTube.

So far all Android devices have not yet received the new version of YouTube. The large-scale update to the video platform app is rolled out in stages. However, you can check out the APK already the new updated version on your smartphone or tablet and thus get to enjoy the enhanced features.

In addition to changing buttons, among other things, for different views in profile, a channel or playlists that faster access and improved overview grant, you can with the YouTube app then finally watch videos in different resolutions.

YouTube: With the new app surfing videos is now more intuitiveYouTube: With the new app surfing videos is now more intuitive

Of course, you do not need the APK, if you have already just received before the latest update. therefore reviewed in application manager before downloading if your version is less of offered by us.

Why download the APK YouTube?

With the APK YouTube you can before all other &# 8211; well, except those who download the APK, or in which the update has already arrived, to access the new content of the video platform. Of course, you do not get with it access to more videos, but at a huge size of several billion videos you will ever find something suitable.

To install the APK on your Android device, you have access to the device settings &# 8220; unknown sources&# 8221; activate. Exactly how it works, you experience the following article:

  • Install APK: Android apps without Google Play Store

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