Maryland: Is the Goatman real? What is the Goatman story?

The Goatman keeps Maryland in suspense and on the Internet photos, videos and stories circulate regularly around the hybrids of man and goat. The monster is to live and Maryland on the East Coast of the United States incurred humans and animals. On CREEPYPASTA and Reddit numerous horror stories exist about the mythical creatures. Read below the practical guide as to whether the Goatman is genuine, where he comes from and what it's all about the Goatman story.

After we informed you about the Spaghetti Monster and the banana spider, we would like to come to the myth Goatman. The essence with human torso and horns and hooves is also called Pope Lick Monster and should drive in Maryland, Texas and other US states on the loose. The devil is represented in numerous literary and scenic works with hooves.

in game Diablo be found in all three parts Goatmen - Monsters must defeat her. In Diablo III, they are also called Khazra.

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If you stumble across a new image showing the Goatmen, often the question remains: Is the Goatman Fake?

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Goatman image &# 8211; is that real?

The legend of the Goatman not sleep and so appear regularly videos, pictures and reports about the Goatman of Maryland. But the Goatman fake? The Goatman is mostly seen among young people and the stories are each spread by them. It stands to reason that they also play tricks on each other and put on a costume. The existence of the Goatmans has not been proven yet. but the myth Goatman flared up regularly with new witnesses.

What is the Goatman?

When Goatman - or goat man - is, according to several eyewitnesses to an Hybrid of humans and animals. The hairy monster to horns and hooves have and in a cave near a bridge in the city Bowie in the State of Maryland live. 1957 was the Goatman Seen for the first time and should regularly since then incurred animals and humans. Maryland dog disappear without a trace and a short time later found beheaded - because the Goatman should be to blame. In 1962, the monster will be gone off with an ax on campers and they have eaten. It should have fallen victim to 12 children and two adults.

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Goatman Story &# 8211; two theories of Legend

In addition to many local media, the Washington Post reported on incidents with the Goatman, which was a terrible cult figure. There are even eye-witnesses from Kentucky, Texas and Canada, where the mythical creatures to be encountered. Where the beast comes should explain two theories:

1. Theory for Goatman:

The Goatman should be the result of an accident at a DNA experiment at the Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. In this scientific experiment, the DNA of humans and goats was allegedly crossed and Goatmen born. A position name of the Agricultural Research Center of Beltsville that it had there been no such experiments, let the advocates of Goatman-existence does not fall silent.

2. Theory for Goatman:

In Kentucky, we know it as the Pope Lick Monster. It to have come with a traveling circus to Kentucky then erupted. In this Goatman it should be a mentally ill people with deformities. The Old Alton Bridge Denton in Texas is called Goatman Bridge because the essence is to hide close to this.

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Even in the Roman and Greek mythology, there are hybrid creatures. In Greek mythology, is the Satyr a demon that Dionysus, the god of wine and merriment. He has animal characteristics such as a tail and hooves, but moves away upright. The shepherd god Pan is also a hybrid of man and goat.

The myth Goatman in movies

Whether the Goatman Fake or real: the combination of man and goat is a popular character in horror movies and Maryland was already used for various films as Handlungsort. For example, plays The Blair Witch Project *Maryland: Is the Goatman real? What is the Goatman story? in the dark woods Maryland.

There appeared a number of films in the area splatter or horror film about Goatman. Many of the Goatman movies gained no international recognition, such as Legend Of The Goatman: Horrifying Monsters *Maryland: Is the Goatman real? What is the Goatman story? or Real Monsters: Bigfoot, Goatman, aliens, humanoids And UFOs *Maryland: Is the Goatman real? What is the Goatman story?. One of the latest movies is based on the Maryland myth &# 8220; The Goatman Murders *Maryland: Is the Goatman real? What is the Goatman story?&# 8220 ;.

Other movies with Goatman / Satyr:

  • Mr. Tumnus from &# 8220; The Chronicles of Narnia *Maryland: Is the Goatman real? What is the Goatman story?&# 8220 ;. The Faun Tumnus acts after the coronation of Edmund, Susan, Lucy and Peter as their advisors.
  • The movie &# 8220; Deadly Detour: The Goat Man Murders *&# 8221; There is free on YouTube.
  • In &# 8220; The Hunger Games &# 8211; The Hunger Games *Maryland: Is the Goatman real? What is the Goatman story?&# 8221; there at the beginning of the story is also a person who is called Goatman. But here is a man who sells goats.

Goatman on CREEPYPASTA and reddit

The fascination of Goatman is also CREEPYPASTA and reddit common. You can find at CREEPYPASTA Goatman stories, such as the Anansi&# 8217; s, which allows readers to shudder Goatman story. &# 8220; I&# 8217; m not getting sleep tonight&# 8221; is a reader comment on the eerie story about the goat man.

This Goatman Story takes you on YouTube:

More scary stories around the Goatman be posted on reddit and enjoy there the readership. Lest example Goatman while camping? What was this? or Goatman.

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