Runtime error 1004 in VBA: macro can not be executed

Who is intensively engaged Excel will hardly come around the use of macros. Many of these macros are written in the programming language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). In some cases it may runtime error 1004 coming in the execution of the macro.

Runtime error 1004 in VBA: macro can not be executed

Unfortunately, the run-time error can be caused by different causes, so that a clear elimination of the problem is not easy.

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VBA runtime error 1004 in macro: This can be done

The run-time error can for. weren caused as when loops are incorrectly closed or run to infinity. The false detection of objects can also lead VBA error in Excel.

  • The runtime error 1004 is often followed by a detailed description of the error.
  • So it may be, here. B. called "The Color Index property of the Interior Object can not be fixed." Or "application and object-oriented mistake."
  • Based on the error message the problem is often already narrow, so you can make adjustments in the macro.
  • In addition, you should limit the bug in best programmers manner and check the code in pieces on the cause of the error.
  • The fault may be caused because of an incorrect sheet allocation.
  • Often the error is caused by a leaf or portfolio protection.

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Runtime Error 1004: There is help

If the error partout not to rid the world, can be found in various forums using Excel and Basic cracks. Posting there your macro code in a new thread describing your problem. Usually found after a short time useful users who stand by your side in resolving the runtime error 1004 with help and advice.

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