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Runny nose, cough, hoarseness - approaching the flu. The sniffling, coughing and shivering is inevitable this year. Also in 2017, it could not prevent flu outbreaks. The highlight for spring is in Germany probably still on. In our guide you learn how the flu level is 2017 and where to find a card on which the current virus spread can be viewed online.

Also in 2017, the flu with typical symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose and sore throat shows. In the early days especially headache and body aches are among the usual flu symptoms. News should be more severely affected than in the previous years especially people middle ages.

Current flu card at the Robert Koch Institute*

Based on the Google trends you can get how many people are interested in following the flu outbreak an impression. The more people search on Google notes, the sooner it can be assumed that a wave of influenza is currently in progress. The graph shows the interest in the last 12 months:

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Flu-date: 2017 Card

Of course, flu viruses are not always equally distributed in Germany. Google also provides the same data, in which areas currently being sought increasingly to the flu outbreak. Deriving therefrom can you areas that are more affected than others:

  • According to the State Office of Health and Welfare are there in the waves of flu season 2016/17 far more cases than in the past.
  • Currently, especially the south of Germany with Bavaria is affected as the center.
  • Susanne Glasmacher from the Robert Koch Institute, told SPIEGEL that in &# 8220; this year, certainly not an easy wave&# 8221; be.
  • A vaccination is already recommended for the fall, and now the flu shot can, according to doctors but still be effective.
  • The vaccine used should adequately protect against the current influenza outbreak and activated after about two weeks.
  • The Robert Koch Institute you will find a flu-card on which the sick can be read in Germany.
  • There is a strong increase in disease is observed mainly in the last week.
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Throughout Germany, the number of flu cases is rising. Were still 1,429 cases reported in the last week of December, there were already over 10,000 cases in the fourth calendar week 2017th The real figure is much higher, after all, not every flu sufferers goes directly to the doctor.

flu wave-2016Flu: Map shows spread to the end of 2015 (left) compared to the first week of February (right) &# 8211; Source:

The usual flu symptoms include fever, headache and body aches and fatigue. In more severe course of the disease lung and muscle inflammation can be added. In the Working Group influenza by RKI you can see on a map the current flu activity and-Danger in Germany.

To Arbeitsgemeinschaft Influenza*

Flu outbreak in 2017 in Germany rolls on

2015 had the flu season peaked in the second half of February. It is not yet clear whether it comes this year to a similar wave. In order to protect themselves from the upcoming flu season in February 2017, it is important to wash hands regularly. Most diseases are transmitted through the hands by z. As viruses through a handhold during the subway ride to the nose or eyes and thus reach the mucous membranes. As a rule, it is important to maintain distance from already infected people. In a crowded bus certainly find the one or other flu-sick person, by sneezing or coughing flu viruses can even without direct contact their target, reach your body. In the long term, it is recommended to strengthen his immune system permanently by fruits, vegetables and exercise to ward off flu viruses sufficient.

Do you feel the above signs, you should of course seek medical attention, if only to avoid passing on the virus at work, at school, etc.. Antibiotic treatment is not recommended for the flu, because antibiotics can be used only against bacteria.


shutterstock_252624130Flu outbreak in Germany to date 2017: prevention and what to do if&# 8217; s caught one?

To prevent that you recorded the flu epidemic in 2017, should heed her the following:

  • Wash hands regularly is a must. Especially after the touch of jacks, rides in the car and other activities where many people meet, the hands should be cleaned.
  • Avoids also to wipe you regularly hand over the face, eyes or nose, so as not to cause viruses directly to your mucous membranes.
  • do not necessarily have disinfectants are used for care.
  • After a single use tissues should be discarded.
  • prevent distance and distance with other people, that the influenza virus during coughing and sneezing transmits quickly to you.
  • Sitting her a lot in rooms, they should be aired regularly in order to keep the mucous membranes moist and active circulation.
  • Drinking at least 1.5 liters a day are required, but this no coffee, let alone beer and Co. should be counted.
  • A balanced diet with apples, vegetables and high-fiber products ensures a proper flu prevention.
  • Even now, a flu shot is still attached.
  • Scratching the neck already, doctors recommend inhaling and eating hot soups, broths or honey with milk.
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Were you already packed by the common cold, it is said to rest on the bed and. As a general rule, a flu "comes three days, lasts for 3 days and is three days." Accelerate the healing process usually can not be, with various remedies, the symptoms can only temporarily subside.

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Image Sources: Subbotina Anna, ImagePoint Fri and Marcos Mesa Sam Wordle via Shutterstock, flu card via Robert Koch Institute