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eBay Classifieds are a handy way to want if you get rid of old stuff or buy used goods cheap. But how to log in to eBay Classifieds does exactly? Deserves every login and can I protect my eBay account to use for classified ads? The following guide gives you the five most important facts.

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log on to eBay Classifieds &# 8211; requirements

1. eBay Classifieds, is allowed to sign any principle. The only requirement: You must age and legally able to be, as you complete a contract for the use of the platform with eBay classified ads. The minimum age to conclude a contract in Germany is 18 years old. Minors can still use eBay classified, but they need to parental consent.

2. If you want to sign you in eBay Classifieds, you need a different account than for eBay. Reason: The eBay Classifieds have except for the name nothing to do with the "normal" eBay. eBay Classifieds is a fully independent portal, which is mainly aimed at the local market and works differently than eBay sellers and potential buyers take over the platform directly contact each other and arrange the purchase details with each other - in principle so just as with a ad in the newspaper.

Ebay Classifieds dealsOn eBay Classifieds can be found from the game console to the apartment almost everything your heart desires.

log on to eBay Classifieds &# 8211; Why do I need to account?

3. Buyers and sellers on eBay Classified need an account to the contact functions of eBay Classifieds to use. For logging in eBay Classifieds all you need is a valid e-mail address and password. Personal information such as name, address or phone number are not required and are - if you do not want - do not appear in the ads.

  • Your personal data you exchange from best directly with the interested parties &# 8211; Many providers give their phone number but directly with the display because it takes so another fastest contact.
  • As a buyer, you can also invest you with account a watch list - a handy way to interesting articles to keep in mind.
  • If you no longer need your account, you can easily delete it. How to do it, learn it in our guide eBay Classifieds: Delete Account - Here's how.

Ebay Classifieds Login

4. The service from eBay Classifieds is completely free - this applies to logging in to eBay Classifieds and for any purchases or sales. Exception: Sellers can select their items for a fee as a "highlight" &# 8211; read this and give up the Guide eBay Classifieds: 5 professional tips. In contrast to "normal" eBay is eBay Classifieds does not participate in transactions processed - the platform simply provides a marketplace available at the meet buyers and sellers. There is also no obligation to buy if you only expresses interest in a product - the provider decides to whom he sold the merchandise and only if you have you agreed with him, you have to buy the product.

Join ebayPersonal information such as phone number or address are not required to log in to eBay Classifieds.

Sell ​​abroad &# 8211; Advisable?

  • Even if you sign up at eBay Classifieds in Germany, it is generally possible to sell products abroad.
  • For buyers who insist on a delivery abroad, you should, however, be careful. This scam is popular among fraudsters because they want to escape the German judiciary.
  • If the prospective customer then demands a certain Bezahlungs- or delivery method for "security reasons", you can you be almost certain that it is not like here with the right things.
  • Generally, it is therefore better to use eBay Classifieds only within Germany.

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