Windows 10: disable task view icon – Here’s

Windows 10 is on the taskbar next to the search field, the so-called task view button on. It is also called Task Switcher or window change icon. We show how you can disable the task view icon and hide. The task view can then but still open.

Windows 10: The task view icon can be hidden in the taskbar.Windows 10: The task view icon can be hidden in the taskbar.

The taskbar in Windows 10 is equipped with two eye-catching innovations: the search box and the task view icon. With the latter, you'll switch between open windows and windows between virtual desktops. You can disable both the Windows 10 search and clear the task view icon. We show here, as you hide the icon task view.

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Windows 10: disable task view icon - Here&# 8217; s

To hide the task view icon, making her the following:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the task view icon
  2. In the context menu you choose the entry Task View Button View from. So you automatically remove the check mark next to the entry.

The task view button is hidden in Windows 10 now. To enable it again, you repeat the two steps just continue. Then the check mark is set show before the entry task view button again.

Windows 10: Clicking hides the task view button.Windows 10: Clicking hides the task view button.Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

10 Windows: Open task view hotkey

10 also to use the Task View in Windows without taskbar icon, you call them simply on using a key combination. Pressed, the Windows + Tab keys. If you press Windows + Tab again, the task view includes in Windows 10 again.

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