The Witcher 3: Scoia’tael – All about the squirrels

In The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, you will meet the infamous Scoia'tael again. The elves rebels played a major role, especially in The Witcher and thanks to their commander Iorweth they were in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings represented.

Although the Scoia'tael play in The Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt a smaller role than in The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, but they are an important part of the Witcher world. We tell you what's behind the squirrel.

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Attention! The following article is full of spoilers!

The Scoia'tael at a glance

RulerUnknown, once Isengrim Faoiltiarna
symbolSquirrel tail
governmentDecentralized commandos
economic powerTiny
political lineDefensive
  • Beaten and barely able to act
  • Once dreaded terrorists
  • Originally supported by Nilfgaard
  • In league with unscrupulous human war profiteers
  • Take Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings on
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The Witcher 3: Scoia'tael - These are the squirrels

as all rational people who are not human - - In the northern kingdoms, the nonhumans so-called have always been second-class citizens. And worst of it hit always the elves that once before the people were strongest nation in the world.

thewitcher-Iorveth02Isengrim Faoiltiarna and Iorweth look almost identical.

Therefore, the elf has always been great evil and unlike the dwarves and gnomes in their strongholds had the elves since the invasion of people not own land more. But this changed when Nilfgaard planned his campaign against the north and this spurred the elves to set up a guerrilla force in the hinterland.

Scoia'tael - the death croissants!

This was the birth of the Rebel commandos Scoia'tael. in the ancient language the term means squirrel and comes along that the rebels such as squirrels scurried through the woods and nimbly escaped their pursuers. The oldest and most experienced elves rebel and the quasi-leader of the movement was looked Isengrim Faoiltiarna, the outside not only a bit of Iorweth from The Witcher second

thewitcher-Iorveth01the Scoia&8217; tael are a bold bunch.

In the early days of the war the rebels could also inflicting some damage by intercepting messenger, attacking supply caravans from the ambush, and widespread terrorist attacks fear and terror among the population.

The end of the Scoia'tael

As the war went on, became more and more part of Scoia'tael Nilfgaardian army and entire divisions of bloodthirsty elves pounced at Brenna on the North Linge. But despite all the bravery of the battle was lost at the end and the attacks of Elven cavalry failed on pikes Wall of goddamn infantry of Vizima.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - E3 ScreenshotsKaiser Emhyr var Emreis had to let the elves down.

After this defeat Emperor Emhyr var Emreis had perforce to agree to a peace treaty and one of the more painful clauses was that all Scoia'tael leader should be extradited to Nordlingen. Of course, these elves were all executed and only a few, including Isengrim Faoiltiarna escaped. The latter returned then the North back and retreated to the south.

The Wichter 3: The last rebels of the ancient people

After this disaster only a few Scoia'tael were left, but among the remaining leaders Yaevinn and Iorweth some dogged squirrels led continuing the fight for freedom, but which increasingly became a pure terror campaign. Instead of fighting for the future of their people, Yaevinns people killed rather defenseless people and caused by even more hatred and mistrust between the peoples.

thewitcher-letho03The elves provided valuable help in protecting Lethos King murders.

The other big Scoia'tael Guide Iorweth, an equally embittered and vengeful contemporary as Yaevinn, supported the regicide Letho going to murder northern kings. He was also enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the Magi, to create their own state in which all people would have equal rights. For in spite of his hatred knew Iorweth that the time of the elves was over and could only survive his people when it went down compromise.

The Elves and the uncertain future

thewitcher-elvesAs before, the last Scoia wait&8217; tael in the forests of.

But the plans of the Magi went at the end in smoke and in addition to the Elves and the Wizards are now cruelly hunted and persecuted. Moreover Nilfgaard marched again to the north and some Scoia'tael see another chance to get back at the Nordlingen. But many have not forgotten the betrayal of the emperor and hate Nilfgaard now almost as much as the North Linge.

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