Netflix: The current series are the top 5

Netflix has cool series in the program, all who have subscribed to the streaming service know. But what shows are currently the best and popular? Which series that are currently produced are particularly well rated? You will be surprised, which are located in the top fifth

Netflix: The current series are the top 5Source: Netflix

The offer from Netflix is ​​changed monthly. It then added all movies and series. Others disappear for it. Series fans so sometimes must also push ahead. What are the current best five Netflix series?

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The top 5 Netflix series short listed

All-time Favorites by IMDb Rating

1. Breaking Bad

2. Rick and Morty

3. Sherlock

4. Firefly - Rise Of Serenity

5. Narcos

All-time Favorites following the evaluation of Netflix users

1. Rick and Morty

2. The boat

3. The Seven Deadly Sins

4. The Last Kingdom

5. Narcos

Current Shows on Netflix, which users like to watch (as of July 2016)

1. The Seven Deadly Sins

2. The Last Kingdom

3. Narcos

4. Marvel&# 8217; s Daredevil

5. Making a Murderer

So if you are looking for an exciting series, then Narcos, The Last Kingdom and Rick and Morty could yet come ever the short list, right? After all, these programs are pretty much at the top.

netflix-series-breaking-badAlthough there will be no further consequences more heard &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; still one of the most popular series on NetflixStart Photogallery(7 pictures)Netflix: logging out of all devices - when strangers use your account

The most popular series of Netflix users

The Netflix users give series and movies stars. A total of five stars can be awarded. Amazingly, are here not the usual, highly acclaimed suspects. "Better Call Saul" must be satisfied for example with an 8th place. Also "Making a Murderer" is back placed on. is it among the top-five a series that hardly yet - if at all - of us had on the screen.

&# 8220; The boat&# 8221; as a series you can watch on Amazon conveniently order online *Netflix: The current series are the top 5

The boat from 1985

That there is a film called "The Boat" from the 80s, which is known to many after 1990 infants. That it also this is a series, not usually. But it's true. The series dealt with the same content as the theatrical thriller from the year 1981. First, a three-part miniseries anno 1985 rotated. In 1987, then follow a six-part mini-series.

The team of U96 is during the Second World War, Hitler's orders go to sink enemy ships. They have to deal with some well-equipped opponents. When the order comes to pass through the Strait of Gibraltar to start off a new port, the submarine crew is sent on a seemingly unattainable mission. The serial occupation should be known to you from the movie.

The Last Kingdom

netflix-series-the-last-kingdomPrince Uhtred of Bebbanburg demands a birthright, control of Bebbanburg.

Who read through the description of "The Last Kingdom" to immediately get the feeling that it is somehow a poor imitation of &# 8220; Viking&# 8221; could be. However, this is not like that. Although both series play at the same time and also some figures, such as König Ragnar, are identical. But the narrative perspectives make the difference. "Vikings" tells the struggle between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in what is now England from the perspective of the Vikings, while "The Last Kingdom" represents the conflict from the perspective of fishing gear.

In the series is about Uhtred of Bebbanburg being kidnapped as a child by Vikings and raised. He has a connection to the people, in which he grew up. Nevertheless Uhtred sees itself as Anglo-Saxon and makes his way to his birthright - control of Bebbanburg - demand. To this end, he has to fight even friends from the camp of the Vikings.

The best Netflix series, according IMDb

Considering the IMDb ranking, the list of the best Netflix series is slightly different. However, there are similarities and there are "narcos" and "Rick and Morty".

netflix-series-narcos-pablo-escobarAn excerpt from the original Netflix &# 8220; Narcos&# 8221;


The US drama Narcos based on the life of Pablo Escobar as well as its rise with the Medellin cartel in the 70s and 80s. At that time cocaine in Florida grew in popularity and displaced the hitherto frequently consumed Mariuana. From the Netflix original there is a season so far. It detects the period 1975 to 1,992th

Rick and Morty

netflix-series-rick-and-mortyThe alcoholics but brilliant scientist Rick and his grandson Morty.

Rick and Morty looks like a cute cartoon series for children. Wait until you turn it. It's about the alcoholic scientist Rick. Despite its deficit he is awesome. He lives with his daughter Beth and her family. The behavior Ricks stands in stark contrast to the flagship family of his daughter. Together with the clumsy grandson Morty Rick embarks on numerous adventures in other dimensions.

Fancy a Netflix subscription? So you get fast access

For this you have to the Internet from Netflix and visit you there down one of the packages. If you want to test only whether the streaming service is there something for you, then you can also test for one month free Netflix.

Another interesting series for you:

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  • Gomorrah Season 3: When does the new season?

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