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Vidiot is a non-linear video editing freeware with the beginners quickly lead to considerable results. By not using mostly superfluous functions, the tool is very easy to use.

Videos of various formats can be joined in Vidiot, crop, rotate, and scale appropriately. Also pictures and sound files, the user can insert. we can save the edited results in the most popular formats for the Internet, DVDs and to pass on to others.

Editing with Vidiot

Unlike similar programs Vidiot waived complicated and actually rarely used features. At the same time you have to make little adjustments to other thoughts. So videos of different sizes are automatically scaled to the size, for example, voted when creating the project.

Vidiot video editing freewareVideo editing with Vidiot is both simple and effective

Working with Vidiot designed actually exactly as the one video editing layman imagines. a new project it creates and invites a few video files to it. you do not really pay attention to the formats, as the program can load all popular video formats and also supports multiple audio and image formats. After that, considering the various files in the timeline and places it there. Here you can cut the movies or merge, change the order and insert images or sound files into the sequences. The context menu of the right mouse button also gives us the possibility of transitions.

render with Vidiot Videos

Theoretically, you can also just use Vidiot to convert videos in a quick and uncomplicated way or change in size. The assembly and storing the finished video is called in the English-language program rendering and here we have influence on important parameters.

Vidiot save videos and convertWith Vidiot we can store our videos in all major formats

We can use the video codecs to render that already brings the program. And the list of output formats includes all relevant video formats. It extends from AVI on Apple formats .m4v or .m4a, includes the Matroska MKV format and the formats of QuickTime (MOV) and DVD formats. Even the Webvideformat WEBM found there. The audio codecs can we choose and find the ideal balance between quality and size we need for our videos.


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