PDF files compress – a trick PDFCreator

If the PDF file has become too large to send by e-mail, then we can also subsequently change that. With the PDFCreator we can compress any PDF file.

PDF files compress - a trick PDFCreator

If you are having scanned documents, you can already decide how big they are about actually. But either you forget that or is surprised by the end result. And sometimes you get PDFs from others and that are simply too big. In that case, we can load these files again and re-create it with a little detour. We can compress the PDF files the same and significantly smaller.

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Compress PDF and out via a detour

One possibility in such a case is to scan all over again. With any luck, you also have the scans once stored as an image, instead of sending them immediately to PDFCreator. That would be convenient because we could shrink the images now to then merge until a PDF. However, in most cases, it would probably be about the finished easy to compress PDF file. If you do not already have it, the useful tool that you should download the PDFCreator. The tool is free, but you should when you install the add-on option &# 8220; PDF Architect&# 8221; deselect!

To this end, there are even some paid tools that can open any PDF files and compress. PDFCreator can indeed not read PDF files. But that must not be. You can merge multiple PDF files with PDFCreator. And a very similar technique to apply when a already compress existing PDF and thus will decrease.

PDFCreator PDF compression settingsWith subsequent adjustments of the PDFCreator PDF data can shrink

compress PDF &# 8211; Step by step

We did not open the existing PDF with PDFCreator. We open it with any PDF reader. And then we use the print function there. After all, PDFCreator is a printer driver and is installed as a printer! With the following simple steps, we can compress almost any PDF:

  1. We open the original file in any any PDF program such as PDF-XChange.
  2. There, the file &# 8220; printed&# 8221 ;, as we start the Print command. In the dialog we choose as a printer to PDFCreator and start printing. Do not worry, it starts immediately, only coming now a window of PDFCreator!
  3. There we click at the bottom of the center &Settings; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  4. This will open the settings window, the left under &Formats; # 8220&# 8221; also &# 8220; PDF&# 8221; displays. Click here!
  5. Right to open a dialogue with horsemen, in which we &# 8220; Compression&# 8221; switch. And there we can then experiment by building on some of automatic compression &# 8220; JPEG High&# 8221; switch.
  6. save these settings, then the file &Memories; # 8220&# 8221; store as a reduced PDF file on the hard drive.

Depending on which setting we select or make settings yourself, we may well reach 70% smaller target files. However, we can only compress a PDF if it still contains compressible data! If the file simple reason is huge because of the sheer amount of data it inflates, then we can only reduce the PDF file by taking massive loss of quality into account.

PDFCreator PDF CompressionIn this way you can reduce the PDFCreator subsequently PDFs


To avoid any unpleasant surprise, you should overwrite the source file in any way. Rather save it under a new name!

The last resort: compress PDF, if nothing else works

If the method just described does not work, then the reason is simple. In most cases, then the PDF document consists of nothing but large graphics that are even larger than the PDF file to their sum. If we as a PDF &# 8220; reprint&# 8221; and transfer to another PDF file, then they will be even greater in the worst case!

In such a case, there are two ways you still can effectively reduce the PDF file. One way is cumbersome, is it but the full control over the outcome. To do this proceed as follows:

  • First, you load the source file in a program such as the PDF-XChange Viewer. There is ultimately no matter which one it loads as long as the program export the contents of the PDF file as an image can. If you have any on hand, take the appropriate function PDF to Image the tool PDF shaper that you already needed later.
  • Then the images in the PDF file is exported.
  • Now it loads the images either individually and zoom out as desired or done that in batch mode using a tool like IrfanView. The result is then graphic files are much smaller than the original file in their sum.
  • Now the program you start PDF Shaper and selects where the function Image to PDF.

The result is a PDF file that is legible still, but has a significantly smaller file size. Using the method you still have full control over the result. Especially when it comes to optimal reading on the screen and print quality is negligible, you can save a lot of space with this procedure.

If you want everything in one program and the quality is not so important, you should it once with the Orpalis PDF Reducer try. The freeware tool is a bit annoying when you start with all its Notice screens, but the results can be quite impressive!

How this works in detail, we have created you frame by frame one of a manual

PDF compress - manual frame by frame

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