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On social networks, with chats and Internet forums abbreviations are used frequently &# 8211; But not everyone is immediately clear what they mean. Especially with abbreviations spread through the Internet from English and other languages, the derivation is not always immediately clear. In this guide we will explain to you what the abbreviation "ikr" is and what it means exactly translated.

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translation & Meaning of the abbreviation "ikr"

The abbreviation "ikr" stands for "I know, right? "which literally means" I know, right?&# 8221; means. It is a rhetorical question that has to be interpreted as consent. So if someone reacts with the abbreviation "ikr" in a statement that he wants to show that he the one fully agrees.

In addition to the notation "ikr" the abbreviation is often called "ikr?" Written with the question mark at the end. More rarely, the comma is placed in the abbreviation: "ik, r?"

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Using the abbreviation "ikr" on the Internet

As mentioned above, it concerns with the abbreviation "ikr" a rhetorical question that is as consent for a statement. We have set up here are some examples of using the acronym to represent you use:

A: "The new album by band XY is great!"
B: "IRs? Can already hear the whole week nothing else. "

A: "WTF? That's totally overpriced! "
B: "ikr have now also been looking for cheaper alternatives."

A: "Teacher XY graded totally unfair. I think of just dice. "
B: "OMG, ikr!"

Usually, the abbreviation is used only on the Internet, social networks, chat or Internet forums and not used in everyday language. In normal conversation, one would rather the full sentence "I know, right?" Use to agree to someone.


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