Yogurt cuts Advertising 2017: What is the name of the song?

Ferrero is continually expanding its product range. Beginning in 2016 came about with the yogurt cuts an offshoot of the popular milk cuts on the market. For a few weeks there in the commercial break on TV again a spot for a sweet snack to be seen. is accompanied yogurt cuts advertising in 2017 by a snappy song. But what is the song about?

The complex advertisement can you including song See you here again in the video:

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Which song comes in the yogurt cuts advertising in 2017?

The yogurt cuts advertising in 2017 is just like the poster advertising and the lettering on the package in a pleasant green tones in the background. In the foreground is seen a man who has fun with the yogurt cuts and these eaten with relish. After that there is a women's voice an explanation of what the yogurt cuts actually accurate.

Yogurt cuts advertising is accompanied by a song that remains many hanging in the ear. Who is behind the song?

  • The song from the advertisements for yogurt cuts comes from "Parov Stelar" and is called "All Night".
  • Thank the song should sound familiar already. The song already appeared in 2014, the related official YouTube video has over 20 million times and played on the radio the song was heard on many stations in a loop.
  • This is an Austrian DJ and producer who has specialized mainly house, electro and jazz music.
  • Parov Stelar is considered one of the luminaries of the Electro Swing.

"All Night" can be found on the album "The Princess" by Parov Stelar.

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With Spotify you can listen in this and many other tracks of the artist for free:

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Yogurt sections: The song from the current advertising

The album was released in 2012 and made it to number 35 in the charts. In the Austrian homeland the work even rose to No. 4 in 2015 secured Parov Stelar with "The Demon Diaries" took first place in the charts in Austria, Germany succeeded in 8th place, the best finish.


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