Until Dawn: release date is set!

Many players have given up hope that Until Dawn ever appear &# 8211; but Sony convinced them otherwise. The teen horror game has finally received the final release date.

7651Until Dawn Release Date

First Until Dawn should appear for the PlayStation 3 with Move support, but then it became very quiet for the title. Some believed that it is no longer complete, until it was officially re-announced at gamescom 2014 &# 8211; and now to appear for the PlayStation 4th Meanwhile, more is also being posted on the mechanics.

For example, some teenagers will become the focus that take a joint trip, but are then followed by a psychopathic killer and killed. The game will offer you choices a lot, so you will contribute significantly to the death or survival of the individual characters. Until Dawn therefore lies entirely on how you decide.
Who can not wait for the release, for which there is now also a joyful news. Meanwhile, the date for the release has been announced. At the August 26, 2015 the teen-horror game released exclusively for the PS4.

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