The peppercorns Season 14: New episodes 2017

With "The peppercorns" KiKA has a NDR production in the program in which a group of young criminal cases solves. In so far 13 seasons there was to see a total of 169 episodes. Fans of the series are wondering since the end of 2016 when Season 14 of "The peppercorns" appears and when it goes on 2017th

2017 must be followers of the young detectives are looking forward to that extra bit of material. In addition to a new season, which will be broadcast in 2017 on TV, there will be a movie with the "peppercorns" in the cinema.

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With an Amazon Prime access can all consequences of &# 8220; The peppercorns&# 8221; View from the first season in the stream online.

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The peppercorns Season 14 and feature film in 2017

The theatrical release is scheduled before the start of the new episodes. The rotation start there was last summer, the Cinema Release is subtitled "The Curse of the Black King". The amateur detectives go in changing occupation since 1999 to hunt for criminals. Also for the film there will be a completely new team again:

  • Mia (Marleen Quentin)
  • Alice (Emilia Flint)
  • Benny (Ruben Storck)
  • John (Luke Matt X)

The setting is used as the TV production Hamburg, but also in South Tyrol is determined in the movie. In a picturesque village in the mountains, the young investigators unknown symbols and eerie events go. Director in the cinema implementation of "The peppercorns" leads Christian Theede. An exact date for the release date is still unknown, the Launch is targeted for early fall 2017.

The peppercorns: New episodes and movies at Hernst

After the movie it comes off with the new episodes of "The peppercorns" in 2017 on TV. The film is intended to introduce the new team and show at their first big bet. Also in the series are thus Mia, Alice, Benny and John of the party. Stella, Till, Jale and Ramin will be replaced this year. The 14th season will be shown in the autumn of 2017 when KiKA.

Parents with children TV

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Who can not stand up to the theatrical release as well as the broadcast of the new season of "The peppercorns" on TV, can now retrieve episodes of the series in the online stream. All episodes of "The peppercorns" from the sixth season is available in the media center at the NDR.

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