Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Quiz and all the solutions in detail

The duel school are you in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links not only many gems, but puts you in even basic fighting techniques. That makes her about the quiz, which is available in three levels. We show you in this article about Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links all the answers and solutions to the quiz in the duel school.

Are you new to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links, you should you the duel school look at. You can find them on the same screen as the Gate, in which you can unlock characters. In three different levels and degrees of difficulty you learn different techniques or incantations, the you can then use actively in a duel. Some quizzes are difficult to understand and can overwhelm so many Duelists. We show you in this article, you have to do in the individual tasks.

In the video - so her duel up with friends &# 8211; and we are with game tips:

5701Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Friends duel (fight against GIGA STI)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Duel school quiz in the app

The duel school is already unlocked from the start. Here you learn at level 1 nor basic incantations. With Level 2 have more sophisticated tactics come while you have to level 3 more cards to choose from and quickly, here are the wrong place can. After each correct answer you get Gems. The duel school is one of the best options to quickly earn gems. So you turn the different stages of the quiz-free:

  • Duel Quiz 1: Available from the beginning
  • Duel Quiz 2: available at level 8
  • Duel Quiz 3: available at level 13

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Solves their dueling quiz, you will receive next precious stones also special Cards. All rewards you see in the following table:

1-1Summon a monster.15x gem
1-2Summon a monster Tribute Summon. 115x gem
1-3Summon a monster Tribute Summon. 215x gem
1-4Change of attack / defense position.15x gem
1-5Choose your goals.15x gem
1-6Use a spell. 11x Spell Card, "Block Attack"
1-7Use a spell. 21x Magic Card "Banner of Courage"
1-8Use a trap.15x gem
1-9Destroy a powerful monster.15x gem
1-10Destroy a Spell Card.15x gem
1-11Destroy Trap Card.15x gem
1-12Activate a monster effect.15x gem
1-13Activate a Flip.15x gem
1-14Use a Field Spell Card.15x gem
1-15Summon a monster as a Fusion Summon.15x gem
1-16Summon a monster as a ritual incantation.15x gem
2-1Look at the property on the map.15x gem
2-2Add effect damage.15x gem
2-3Return to attack and defense.15x gem
2-4Talisman Seal Master.15x gem
2-5Thunder Dragon merger.15x gem
3-1Look at the card types.15x gem
3-2Lord of dragons15x gem
3-3Awakening of the evil goddess15x gem
3-4Amazonian village15x gem

In addition to these standard duels, there are some that are available in certain periods. They are among the offered booster packs. Until February 15, 2017 you have time to complete some dueling quizzes.

The duel school is located right next to the gate.The duel school is located right next to the gate.

All solutions to a duel Quiz

In this walkthrough, we start with the Duel Quiz 2. If you have questions for Level 1 have, can you us like to leave a comment below this article.

  • 2-1: This task is about the effects and characteristics of a card. Look first at the card on your field. &Mage element; # 8220&# 8221; can be combined with wind cards. So grab &Faith bird; # 8220&# 8221; at your hand and submit them as a normal Summon. Changes to the combat phase and engages first with &Mage element; # 8220&# 8221; at. Enables the effect of the card and again engages with the card.
  • 2-2: Sets out the map &Grave guardian curse; # 8220&# 8221; Normal Summon. now activates the trap and sacrifices &# 8220; Bowganian&# 8221; and the Magic Card &# 8220; Raimei&# 8221 ;. now uses the magic &# 8220; Eternal Flame&# 8221 ;.
  • 2-3: Summons &Hercules beetle; # 8220&# 8221; and sacrifices &Killerbiene; # 8220&# 8221 ;. now sets the Magic Card &# 8220; shield and sword&# 8221; and attack your opponent.
  • 2-4: Sets the map &# 8220; Siegel Meisei&# 8221; than normal Summon. now sets the Magic Card &# 8220; Talisman the case sealer&# 8221; activate effect. does not activate the Trap Card, but changes to the combat phase. now engages &Silver Fang; # 8220&# 8221; &# 8220; grave monitor Vasall&# 8221; at. Now let the Seal Master the tour guide directly attack.
  • 2-5: Sets the Magic Card &# 8220; polymerization&# 8221 ;. now attracts the remaining monster on the field and activates its effect. Take another card on the hand and activated the magic on the field. now confirmed all displayed cards. engages with &# 8220; double-headed Thunder Dragon&# 8221; in to attack mode.
  • (Until February 15) The Ultimate Rising 1: First sets the monster &Goblinfälscher; # 8220&# 8221; at your hand. selects now &# 8220; messenger of the illusion&# 8221; and evokes the Flip Effect. As a tribute you choose &Goblinfälscher; # 8220&# 8221; out. Puts &# 8220; Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon&# 8221; thus engages in the attack position and the opponent's monster. Let's now attacking the messenger directly.
  • (Until February 15) The Ultimate Rising 2: Sets the monster &# 8220; Wynn, the Windverzauberin&# 8221; as a defense. now activated your Spell Card on the field and select your monster. Changes to the combat phase and attack directly.
In 3 different levels of difficulty you tactics are taught.In 3 different levels of difficulty you tactics are taught.
  • (Until February 15) Age of Discovery 1: Changes to the combat phase and engages with &# 8220; Yomi Ship&# 8221; the magician on. Activates the trap, destroying the dragon by the enemy. Attacks now with your last monster directly.
  • (Until February 15) Age of Discovery 2: selects &# 8220; Summoner the armory&# 8221; and flips the card. pulls the &# 8220; guardian of the throne room&# 8221; and implores him normal. Changes to the combat phase and attack directly.
  • (Until February 15) Age of Discovery 3: Changes to the combat phase and engages with the Panda the enemy monster. Now the tour guide attacked directly.
  • Neo Impact 1: Sets the Magic Card &# 8220; landmark of awakening&# 8221; and activates them. Selects a monster Special Summon and sets &# 8220; Ally of Justice Clausolas&# 8221; as a victim. now sets the Summoned monster to Attack Position. now sets the Meteor Dragon and sacrifices Jerry. Taps Cu Chulainn and activates the effect. Selects the allies. In the combat phase now you are attacking with Cu Chulainn to the enemy monsters. Attacked the tour guide now directly.
  • Neo Impact 2: Sets the Magic Card &# 8220; Blessing Doriado&# 8221; and activates the effect. now leads the Special Summon and sacrifices &# 8220; Guardian Ceal&# 8221 ;. Sets the monster in the attack. Enables covert raid card on your field. Activated to destroy all monsters your opponent the effect. now activated the magic &# 8220; Autonomous isolate&# 8221; at your hand. Grab &# 8220; Don turtle&# 8221; and engages with all the monsters directly.
  • Flame of the Tyrant 1: Sets out the map &# 8220; Agent of Creation &# 8211; Venus&# 8221; in the attack position on the field. now sets the remaining card on the field. Tap on the monster and choose Enable effect. Sets a monster in the attack. once activated the effect of the monster and sets the &# 8220; Mystical Shine Ball&# 8221; in the attack position on the field. now activated the magic and destroyed a ball. Selects the emissary again, conjuring a new ball. Switches to battle mode and attacks directly.

Are you finished with Level 2, is already waiting third and final stage on you:

  • 3-1:  Sets out the Magic Card and elimiert the warriors on the field. now puts the monster in attack mode and provides a dragon. Attacks with this monster now the opposing creature and then strike the enemy directly.
  • 3-2: First sets the magic &Drachenrufflöte; # 8220&# 8221; activate effect. Summons the two monsters with seven stars in the attack position. Changes now in the fight and attacks with &# 8220; Serpent Night Dragon&# 8221; &# 8220; Alligator Sword Dragon&# 8221; and with &Seiyaryu; # 8220&# 8221; &# 8220; Flame Swordsman&# 8221 ;.
  • 3-3: The instructions tell it to you already: Sets &# 8220; Nuvia, the evil&# 8221; in the defense position and the magic card is activated on your left. Selects Nuvia and attacks the enemy first with on. When this card disappears Nuvia receives an ATK of 2000. Engages with it directly.
  • 3-4: First activates the spell &# 8220; pot generosity&# 8221; and submit them to the field. Choose &# 8220; Amazoness Tiger&# 8221; , and put &# 8220; Amazonian chain Champion&# 8221; to the Deck. now activated the magic &# 8220; Amazonian fighting spirit&# 8221; and submit them to the field. Summons now &# 8220; way Amazonian&# 8221; in the attack position. Put your last Spell Card and activates the effect. Chooses &# 8220; way Amazonian&# 8221; and equips them. Now changes to the battle mode and attacks with &# 8220; Amazonian fighter&# 8221; &# 8220; game dragon harpies&# 8221; at. Activates the effect and brings you back to Tiger. Puts him in the attack position. Enables your supplied covered the case in the field. Attacks now &# 8220; way Amazonian&# 8221; the game dragon. Destroy the enemy trap and now attacks the harpies and the opponent directly.


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