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Your ranzt during multiplayer gaming from the time, just because your ping is miserable? Then you should take a look at the following tips on how to improve its Ping.

Ping improve on Windows: How to's

On Windows, there are various ways and means of how to optimize its Ping without new Internet connection and can reduce latency.

Ping improve with WiFi, Fritz box and Co.

First of all it should in the background running programs that can be tampered with by your Internet line, quit. This includes music streaming services, which provide the background music while of gaming such. B. Deezer or Spotify. You should also the jDownloader u. a. Downloads pause momentarily. Do you play on Steam or Origin, it may be that are downloaded in the background updates or patches for games. The download can affect the Ping also. Therefore, you should enter only into the new game session if the update was completed. you can see, access what other programs on your bandwidth on the Windows 8 Task Manager. Ends this to improve the ping.

So you can improve its Ping for online games

An Internet connection via Wi-Fi can interfere with data transmission and therefore ensure that you have to suffer from high latency. Connects the PC directly wired to the router in order to be able to improve the ping. In addition, you can make settings in Windows to the optimize ping times while playing online. Controls for this purpose to the "Start" menu - "Turn Windows features on or off" to - "Control Panel" - "Programs". Activated all displayed components of the Microsoft Message Queue Server components and restarts the system.

Finally, there is the possibility to optimize the Windows registry to get a better ping. Leads the Windows registry via "Windows key" + "R" and typing "regedit". Before you change Registry vornehmt, the Keys concerned should be secured in order to avoid errors and damage to the system.

Ping improve on Windows: How to

Controls the entry

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ MSMQ \ Parameters

at. Sets here a new "DWORD" value with the title TcpNoDelay. Sets the value in the entry (hexadecimal) to 1.

Now searches the registry entry

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ services \ Tcpip \ Parameters \ Interfaces

Ping improve on Windows: How to

And fish here the folder with the most entries out. Moreover, the required folder is the IP address of the network card installed. Read also: Fritz! Box: IP address to find and change.

Ping improve on Windows: How to

Created here also a DWORD value called "TcpAckFrequency" and the hexadecimal value 1. Restarts the system and the ping should be markedly improved.

  1. kill background programs
  2. stop Downloads
  3. Establishing an internet connection is not wireless, but wired
  4. install Microsoft Message Queue Server components
  5. make settings in the Windows Registry

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