activate the iTunes Visualizer, and control

For the visual background while playing music iTunes offers a Visualizer that acknowledges animated graphics on the screen while playing music pieces and its graphics are shown each animated according to the current song. Below you can read how you can enable this Visualizer under iTunes and control.

The iTunes download has an integrated Visualizer, graphics can be played with while playing music that are animated depending on the playing song. While beautiful to look at visual effects can arise that emphasize the sound of each playing music in addition. Again iTunes Visualizer and configures will find out in the following paragraphs. Moreover, there is the visualizer but also some shortcuts with which this can also be controlled, but they are hidden by default in the Visualizer display area. Also on this learn more about this below.

iTunes Visualizer screenshotStart the iTunes Visualizer

Start the iTunes Visualizer, and control

To the iTunes Visualizer call, you go, while a piece of music is played back, just in the "Display" menu and select here the option "Show Visual Effects" from. To turn off the Visualizer again, you press the point again easily, which then is only deviating "Visual Effects Hide". Under "Display" and "Visual Effects" can also switch between the iTunes Visualizer and the iTunes Classic Visualizer.

iTunes Visualizer screenshot

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Keyboard shortcuts for iTunes Visualizer

During the iTunes Visualizer is running, you can also control its behavior over some commands that are executed with certain key combinations. These are listed in a menu, but which is hidden by default. To view the list of commands in the Visualizer window, press the "?" - key. Now you can see in the screen above the left said listing.

Now you can control the Visualizer on the listed button commands in addition. By pressing "M" you can change, for example, the display mode, "P" changes the color palette. "F", however, appears to freeze mode on or off, while "N" the Nebula mode disabled or enabled.


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