see mini-eclipse here in the live stream: Mercury transit today

Today noon is the so-called transit of Mercury, a rare astronomical natural phenomenon, in which the planet Mercury moves for several hours across the solar disk. Even someone who does not have a telescope, the spectacle can ansschauen &# 8211; read in this guide, where you can see the transit of Mercury today in live stream.

Mercury Transit viewed online live stream today:

now obsolete on May 9, 2016, the planet Mercury, the Earth in its orbit around the sun inside &# 8211; not in itself a special process because it happens every few months. However, the Mercury's orbit today is exactly that the planet as a small dark spot on the solar disc going past. This phenomenon is called by astronomers Mercury passage or transit of Mercury and is rarer than a solar or lunar eclipse. It starts today from 13:12 &# 8211; the spectacle is expected to last from 20:41 until tonight.

Mercury Transit ScreenshotWhen transit of Mercury, the planet Mercury moves &# 8211; similar to a Sonnenfinsternis- before the solar disk. Source: ESAStart Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

Mercury Transit see online today in the live stream

With the naked eye can not observe the transit of Mercury &# 8211; to the sun closest planet Mercury is much too small. To see the spectacle of nature, you need a telescope with at least 50-fold magnification, and you should of course be careful not to look directly at the sun, but to use a lens filter. Conveniently, the transit of Mercury but will be broadcast live on the Internet, so that even non-amateur astronomers can follow the event.

  • From 12:00 hours the observatory Petersberg sends a live stream for the transit of Mercury in Saarland.
  • The European Space Agency ESA will accompany the event with its own live stream.
  • In addition, NASA images of the solar satellite SDO to the Internet, which will document the transit.

Who happened to staying near an observatory, also has the opportunity to participate in one of the many observation meetings that are taking place today. The observatory Petersberg promises you a an open day &# 8211; the most interesting time for spectators, should be instrumental between 13:15 and 20:00.

Mercury Transit 2006Mercury Transit in 2006 could not watch with us one. Source: NASA

Mercury transit today &# 8211; rare phenomenon in the sky live on the Internet

The transit of Mercury may not be quite as spectacular as a &# 8220; right&# 8221; solar eclipse &# 8211; for it but the sky phenomenon is much rarer. Last this happened on 7 May 2003 &# 8211; the next transit takes place again until November 11, 2019 after November 13, 2032. Overall, the Mercury occurs only fourteen times before the sun in the 21st century &# 8211; besides that, you can not watch all Mercury transits from Central Europe, as some only happen when the sun has already set.

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