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With the Boss orphan from Kos awaits you in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters the ultimate boss, because this is the last bosses in the extension. He is extremely fast and will put your skills to the test properly. In our boss guide with video, we explain how you can defeat him.

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This final boss in DLC The Old Hunters meet you at the beach of the fishing village where he slips from a washed up parasites. Of the Orphan boy from Kos places high demands on your reaction speed and has the most vicious attacks of all bosses. Hereinafter Boss Guide We give you the right tactics by the hand and show you a Video of the fight.

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Bloodborne &# 8211; The Old Hunters: orphan of Kos the Boss Guide

The orphan you can find when it by the Lantern in the lighthouse cottage take the elevator down and enter through the cave to the wide beach. Before that, you see quite a few creatures who kneel reverently before access. This boss will not attack you directly, but you first need to pre-run beach before he attacks you.

In combat he uses a ax, the fleshy part but can be used as a whip. This boss battle can be divided into two phases divide that we describe to you in more detail below. Observed before the fight also following tips:

  • You can some of his attacks in two phases parry.
  • Remains during both phases always close to him, best on his left (right out from you page). Attacks on its medium and long distance is otherwise difficult to avoid.
  • The battle area is huge and makes you much room to dodge. However, standing on the beach around some shrubs that can sometimes block you. Dare so quiet on the water addition. It is flat and you can not fall into the depths thanks to an invisible wall.
always stay tuned to the orphan and falls him according to his attacks in the side.always stay tuned to the orphan and falls him according to his attacks in the side.

So you kill the orphans of Kos in the first phase

Of the Orphan boy from Kos takes no prisoners and will attack you from the beginning with fast long-range attacks. Observes the following strategies:

  • Sometimes the boss makes a jump back and throws his weapon to the place where he stood before. so stay tuned directly to him and is at this time a few blows.
  • Pay attention when he channels a kind of red magic in his hand. Then usually followed by an area attack, or alternatively, if it is farther away, he shoots with a magic bullet for you. It can also happen that after channeling nothing happens and you can continue to attack him.
  • With a round-Up the orphan gained occasionally place. He uses his ax as a whip and swings them in two full laps around. Here goes good time at a distance.
  • Otherwise, he has many combos from the first phase horizontal and vertical shocks. Tries except for area attacks always stay close to him and takes him on so slowly 50% remaining life energy.

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So you kill the orphans of Kos in the 2nd phase

At half the energy bar makes the Orphan boy from Kos a transformation by, when he rammed his gun in front of him in the ground and grow it wings. You should now have more than half of your Blutphiolen have, because this phase has it all. The following tips may help you:

  • Through his wing of the orphan boy sometimes takes off now, only to land with devastating force back to you. You will then lose him even further from the Auto-Lock. Run, jump, and differs in these moments so in all directions, to avoid being caught. Advantage here is that you have some time after landing to stock it with a few strokes.
  • In general, you can now somewhat easier to dodge his attacks, because they announce longer in his animations.
  • Watch for an attack in which he magic bullets accuses himself, then flies beyond yourselves and once again casts magic bullets behind.
  • His most powerful attack is announced at this stage by a loud cry at. He conjures on a random place in the battle zone lightning, the spread further out to the outside. Sprints in these moments away, best for entrance to avoid being hit. Otherwise you a lot of the health is deducted.
Watch out for the roar, thus the most powerful attack imminent.

Do you have the Orphan boys from Kos finally defeated, one appears black schemes in the alluvial parasite carcass. Kills these with a blow to the End sequence of the DLCs to see.

Loot and Achievement

As a reward for defeating these tough enemy you get the &# 8220; Age hunters&-Waffe; # 8221 Kos-parasite. In addition, it follows trophy unlocks.

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Defeat Grand: orphan of Kos

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