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Each laptop users afraid of this scenario: instead ramp up and as usual to perform his duties, the screen remains black. Microsoft Windows steadfastly refuses to boot up and the laptop no longer turn on. In our practice tip, we show you what you can do without immediately bring the specialist.

Laptop is no longer - as it solves the problem

Laptop no longer goes to - possible causes

Problem Source Number 1: the battery. Maybe it is defective or not charged.

  • First checks whether the battery is charged. If you are you sure that's the case, removed her it (carefully) and put it back on.
  • Maybe the problem is with a faulty contact - a simple training and can re-installing the problem fix at best.
  • Checked also if the power supply still works.

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Source problem number 2: the screen.

  • If the laptop is booting, the screen but still remains black, the problem may be due to a broken display.
  • Perhaps the connection of the display is also disturbed to the laptop.
  • To check this, you simply connect to an external display to the laptop and then restarts it.
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Laptop no longer goes to: BIOS signals provide an indication of problems

  • The laptop no longer goes on and you hear at the start of the laptop suspicious beeps? Do not despair: these tones are sent from the BIOS and provide an indication of possible sources of error.
  • Our guide call BIOS - how it works! shows you how come you into the BIOS, an overview of the BIOS signals can be found here on this page about BIOS beeps.
  • Maybe you learn about the BIOS signals that a piece of hardware is defective.
  • In this case all else fails and you have to consult a professional.


start Windows in Safe Mode

  • Another source of problems when the laptop no longer concern: an error in the operating system.
  • To check this, you start Windows in Safe Mode &# 8211; In this mode, only the most important components are loaded.
  • If the laptop in Safe Mode starts, you should next try to repair the operating system.
  • To do this you performs an initial installation with the original Windows DVD. Our guide Windows 7: Reinstall with CD / DVD and ISO - Here's explained to you the details.

save data when the laptop is no longer terms &# 8211; How it works

You have checked everything, but nothing helps and the laptop no longer goes to? Now all that remains is the way to expert. Before you can but at least some important data saved. It works like this:

  1. Invite you the free Linux operating system "Knoppix" down (on another computer) and burn it to a CD / DVD.
  2. Then you lay the burned CD / DVD into the laptop and drive it up &# 8211; "Knoppix" starts by itself.
  3. After a few minutes you come to a graphical user interface, you have from which you access to your laptop.
  4. Important data can now secure their on an external hard drive or a USB flash drive.

Knoppix here download

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