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Shrouded in mystery, as some titles that were announced only on the Spike TV Video Game Awards 2011, was this game: The Last of Us is already shining with the awards by two trailers that you could not map exactly, but already a bit of humor mediated, which will serve as an atmosphere for the game. 

The Last of Us: We both last

The Last of Us () Is, as its name suggests, a survival action adventure in which we will direct the barbärtigen Joel through the deserted streets of American cities like Pittsburgh. Quite deserted as the streets are not natural, because as we already first in the The Last of Us have experienced trailers, a newly formed parasite, called "ophiocordycipitaceae" for decimating the great world populations provides. As this new world looks like, you can soon try out with The Last of Us demo &# 8211; This is the full version of God of War: Ascension accompanied.

74181The Last of Us - Trailer

People become raging mutants who prey on their former peers. But animals are infested by the fungus and stoke blind rage in nature. The nature conquered the streets and skyscrapers again for back and Joel has with his Kumpanin Ellie are fighting for survival, food, ammunition and a safe place to sleep for the night have to find. Of course, other people have survived the epidemic, but when they are not among the marauding bandits, they behave more carefully about the duo against.

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The Last of Us Uncharted in Horror

Developers of the game is Uncharted Studio Naughty Dog, which you can clearly observes the game. Joel protagonist reminiscent of the flagship hero Nathan Drake from the archaeologists series and commonly the graphics look just as brilliant like last Uncharted third

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recalls also in terms of gameplay The Last of Us strongly to dispense entirely with innovations to the action title from October 2011, but without. In the role of Joel its sufferers and other survivors with melee attacks and firearms will fight each other, while you always at Ellie to help.

Thus, the 14-year-old can provide your opponents about deflecting or by Überrschungsangriffe from the back support for an advantage. The control of Ellie takes on the AI, so you can you focus on the protagonists.

The Last of Us Release

The Last of Us will be released on June 14 exclusively for the Playstation third In addition to the Standard Edition *The Last of Us are also Joel Edition *The Last of Us and Ellie Edition *The Last of Us ready with a pretty package and other features available for purchase.

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