Bachelor 2018: Where can I apply?

No sooner is the Bachelor 2017 over, we ask how it will go with the popular RTL show. Will there be another season? There are already rumors for the male object of desire, and how can I apply?

Seven season of the dome show has been around. In it have Paul Janke, Jan Kralitschka, Christian Tews, Oliver Sanne and Leonard Freier her great love found happiness - at least for some sweet weeks. The Bachelor 2017 - Sebastian Pannek - is the only bachelor who is with his chosen ones still together after the season end. What are the things to the next year?

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Bachelor 2018: Where can I apply?

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The important things first. Here is the link, you can apply via:

apply for the Bachelor 2018*

Application is open to men and women for the Bachelor and as a candidate. Depending on which position you are applying for, need to fulfill their other criteria.

The candidates should:

  • be between 20 and 35 years old
  • being single
  • Upload a video in which they get rid of a few words about themselves and their motivation.

The Bachelor contender should:

  • be between 30 and 39 years old
  • be well off
  • be attractive and open

In any case, you have to specify your master data and go&# 8217; s. Should you get on the short list, RTL will contact you.

Bachelor 2018: there are already first details known?

That the show the Bachelor of RTL will be produced once again, we do not ask at this point in doubt. Even if the ratings of the seventh season have declined compared with the sixth season, they are still good.

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The first episode saw in 2017 only 3.11 million viewers. For comparison:

  • 2016 were the ratings for the first episode was 4.3 million viewers.
  • 2015 at 3.75 million viewers
  • 2014 looked at Christian Tews 4.56 million viewers for the first episode.

Officially, nothing about the next, eighth season yet known. We inform you regarding the potential Bachelors and the candidates at this point about rumors and news.


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