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OkCupid is a dating site that is originally from the States, but enjoys internationally and in this country more and more popular. Included are also apps for Android and iOS. We have a closer look at us OkCupid and make you the dating service in detail here before.


Jaumo, Tinder, Lovoo and Co.

jaumoThe dating app Jaumo is very popular in Germany.

You've probably already heard: We're recently increasingly dating apps for iOS and Android, and undergo a short test. So far were:

  • happn
  • Tinder
  • Jaumo
  • Lovoo

Although the same apps often, there are small but subtle differences: first of all, as regards the payment. Today we want to share our experiences with you OkCupid. The beauty of OkCupid equal first: One can mainly use for free (more on that below).

OkCupid - Dating app for Android and iOS: Short test and experience

Why the app is actually called OkCupid? Cupid is the English term for the Roman god Cupid, called on German and Cupid. In addition, these kitschy naked children are referred to with angel wings with Cupid.

OkCupid has its origin in the States. It shows the website and the mobile app for Android and information: this is only the English language available, the iOS app, however, is in German.

Happn comes from France and here is still relatively new, but follows a very interesting approach.Happn comes from France and here is still relatively new, but follows a very interesting approach.

The app itself &# 8211; and also the site &# 8211; are relatively simple and easy to hold. The popular dating app features are nevertheless included: So one can create their own profile, import images from Facebook and Instagramm and details on location, age, etc. set.

Especially on OkCupid of questions that can be answered (but need not). The responses are then compared with those of other users and the result is a value, how well you match relating to the questions. This has our experience to work pretty well.

To find potential chat partner, you have the possibility to look for good matches or to see which members are staying nearby. There is also a Quick Match system, very similar to that of Tinder or Lovoo.

And how much all the fun now? More on this in the next section.

Gallery OkCupid

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3981OkCupid - Perfect Match

Cost of OkCupid in the overview

As previously written, can use OkCupid is free &# 8211; and then still reasonable. However, there is a paid Zusatzabo, which (if you want to cancel monthly) fails with quite expensive 11.67 euros per month to book. For twelve months, there are 40.85 euros. A bit much. the price is worth it?

In the premium package includes the following features:

  • Screenshot_2014-09-30-09-46-56You can see which members have gelikt one on the Quick Match system.
  • You can see whether the sent messages were read
  • One can Find in terms of attractiveness sort (yes, really).
  • You can view member profiles invisible.
  • You can change the user names.
  • You can save more than 5,000 messages.

In short: The price of the premium features not worth it. The only thing we really missed was the ability to see who has gelikt us via the Quick Match system. but since you can also look at other ways for members, this was not so bad.

OkCupid: Test Result

Total OkCupid makes a good impression in our short test. Although the prices for premium access are too high, a good deal, but you also do not have to use this. The number of members seemed quite high, especially in Berlin, but overall should Tinder, happn, Lovoo and Co. in Germany have more members.

Particularly interesting OkCupid certainly for people who are looking for a partner who is 25+ years old, members under 25 it is rare to find here.

OkCupid apps (available for download for iOS iPhone & iPad) and Android

here goes&# 039; s to OkCupid site*

Here you come to download for Android and iOS apps:

OkCupiddownloadQR codeOkCupidDeveloper: okcupid.comPrice: Free OkCupid DatingdownloadQR codeOkCupid DatingDeveloper: OkCupid.com *Price: Free

112OkCupid - Meet People


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