So you slip into the skin of the GTA 5 Animals

Especially funny is the fact that you can play yourself One version of GTA 5 animals and control in the PS4 and Xbox. Exactly how it works and what furry skins you all can slip, we'll tell you below.

So you slip into the skin of the GTA 5 Animals

Animals in the world of GTA 5

GTA 5 is big, really big! And in all matters. Not only are there to explore a whole island with big city, villages, deserts, mountains and forests, at every corner there are random events or collectibles to find. But the wildlife is in Los Santos and the surrounding area a home gefunden.Vergleicht to the versions of consoles of the last generation and the current falls to a direct increase in the incidence of a wide variety of animal species. Cats and dogs roam the streets and deer run you on country roads in front of the wing and in the mountains you have to be careful not to be torn by lions. All spread throughout the island, there is also found 27 so-called peyote plants. These plants look very strong and cause hallucinations, as soon as you take them to you with Trevor, Franklin and Michael. The image is blurred and before her Clearly mark you, is in the body of an animal and you can walk through the area.


GTA5 peyote plantThese plants make the drug trip possible.

Peyote plants machens possible

Here, you know not previously, in what animal you transform. However, once you are near one of the plants that you hear animal sounds that give you an indication of the particular animal. Barking makes you about the dog while cackling lets you mutate into a chicken. Should you die once as an animal that is not a problem. You'll land back at the site of the plant and your drug trip is over. You can also pick any time turn by pressing the right direction button on your digital control pad. An interactive map with the localities to all 27 peyote plants finds its way, on IGN.

GTA 5 peyote plants MapTo get Click the screenshot to the interactive map of IGN. Source: IGN

Of mops up Killer

The variety of playable animals is huge. About different kinds of dogs such as Rottweilers, Poodles or huskies to wild boar, deer and cows, and more what the rural fauna bear. But not only on land, in the water or in the air you are on the go. With dolphins and sharks you explore the underwater world of San Andreas or swings you as a dove and a swallow in the air. Here you can make happy with your excrement even the windshield of motorists. More information about the peyote cactus can be found here.

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