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 The appearing in March Tom Clancy's The Division has, as Ubisoft has announced today, get a live action web series that will examine the background of the agents. A trailer and all episodes can be found here.

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Long as it is not out until finally one of the first highlights of this year see the light of the world. The question is naturally Far Cry Primal. But a short time later it follows the next highlight, with Tom Clancy's The Division. OpenWorld tactical shooter that will of course also offer individual players an added value, it sends you in an uncomfortable New York, which is almost deserted after the outbreak of an epidemic. Much is here on, however, not yet known. But perhaps can provide some more about it so a new web series that Ubisoft has released today.

Our large The Division Preview

The Division Agent Origins, the name of the series, is a four-part web series that will describe, at least in name, the background story of four agents. But that they do not. but instead we learn a lot more about the outbreak of the virus and its consequences. the series of Ubisoft, Corridor Digital, Rocket Jump and Devin Supertramp, all of whom have already created YouTube short films to video games produced. See can you you the matching trailer easily on these lines, the reputation of the series you again under these lines possible. Logically, you have to understand of course the English language be powerful.

By the way: The story of The Division was inspired by a 2001 carried out in the US military operation called Operation Dark Winter. In this exercise, the consequences of a biological attack and the impact and challenges of the country should be put to the test. The result was no surprise there, because it turned out that the US is not prepared for such a threat at all. So exactly what we expect from the self-proclaimed greatest country in the world and have seen in The Last of Us and many other games.

The Division: Character Editor, Xbox One bundle, micro-transactions and beta info

The Division itself will be released on March 8 this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Next week, also a beta on all platforms will take place, for you can register you on The Division homepage. Alternatively, pre-orders have guaranteed access to the beta.

Make sure you get the guaranteed beta access!*

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Devin Supertramp

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