Anno 2205 in review: We take the structure simulator closer look

On November 3, with Anno 2205 came the sixth installment of the popular building simulation made by Blue Byte Mainz on the market. We took a look at the successor of Ann0 2070 and show you in this test if the new part is worthwhile or whether you should leave it alone.

Anno 2205 in review: We take the structure simulator closer look3568Anno 2205 - launch trailer

Albert Einstein said some time ago: &# 8221; I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.&# 8221; With this statement, of course, he's right! And in this case it comes sooner than expected. Thanks to the new construction simulator by Blue Byte Mainz we can deal with the year 2205 already now. This is now the second part of the acquisition by Ubisoft, who plays in the future. After we have traveled in Anno 2070 in the near future, we can look at now as our great-great-great-grandchildren will live in the future.

Outside Hui, inside also hui?

Since we can only say: Man, that looks beautiful! In Anno has been thought of many little things. While we could quickly lose the overview in Anno 2070 because of the complex production lines, that's simple in the more distant future. Who still has its problems, get familiar with the various productions of molybdenum, silicon or algae production, is comforted. The various factories and production facilities are so beautiful detailed structured to have joy prepares enough to watch in production. Over time, because everyone understands the different production pathways. Let's focus first of all on the graphic. Anno 2070 also was a nice game and the new offshoot occurs there successfully in the footsteps. Mainly because it is possible in the new Anno to choose a free camera, you can spend a lot of time to look at every detail and other beautiful element. Of course, something also reflected in the system requirements for the game again. These are unfortunately very high, perhaps too high for a construction simulator. But for this we can say right away that the game still looks incredibly good on medium settings, so it can get over also owners of middle-class PCs if they can not play in Ultra. Especially as the graphics should be of secondary importance in a structure simulator.

Further and further into the future, yet as 1602!

Image 1This is how a Kontor in 2205 from

Anno remains true to himself. As in the first Anno when we had to build an office, is now to build a warehouse for the start of our early empire our task. The construction of roads and the first residential buildings throws us directly into this Anno world that we already pursue so many centuries. But at the beginning waiting one of the biggest changes for us, which brings the new offshoot with it. Anno 2205 connects the continuous play mode with the campaign to a common mode. We can now therefore reassured play the campaign and then do not have to start from scratch, but can simply continue to potter in the existing empire.

As in Anno 2070 Computer competitors that we complicate the work of our settlement or drive us to war missing in this game. We build our business as a small company boss alone and meet only in passing to other firms or groups in side missions to which we'll get to yet. Our very boring but constructed Assis Stenten tell us whether we pass or companies in the ranking if we leave behind us. We believe that Blue Byte this thread, brief remarks of Assis stenting, would confidently can save. Neither they make the story exciting nor really help you further in the game.

How do we evaluate the story and the game, you see on the next page. 


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