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In May, the fifth season of the US series "House of Cards" was launched in Germany - though initially first in the pay-TV broadcaster Sky. Now there is finally an official launch date for the latest season of House of Cards at Netflix. 

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House of Cards is currently one of the most successful drama series &# 8211; the fans hinfiebern long in advance of the launch of the latest season, a highly anticipated television event. In Germany, unfortunately, a strange rule: Although House of Cards is actually a Netflix series - German subscribers of Netflix to the series to kick off the new season but do not look, but will have to wait a few months. Fortunately, the wait is over now.

House of Cards CastDue to an old regulation, the German Austrahlungsrechte of House of Cards will be Sky. Picture: Netflix

When the new season of House of Cards läut at Netflix?

In the past, it took forever 6 months after starting on Sky until Netflix House of Cards absorbed into the program. That's again this time out. The fifth season began on May 30, 2017 Sky, now it's time again even with Netflix. The new episodes of House of Cards are available from the 30/11/2017 available for retrieval - you can watch you all episodes in the stream and take a well-kept binge-watching session with Frank Underwood and Co., while it is out there more and more uncomfortable.

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House Of Cards: Netflix series but rights to Sky

In Germany, the broadcasting rights of House of Cards are in the pay-TV broadcaster Sky. The reason for this is the rather odd fact that House of Cards was shown to us before Netflix ever launched in Germany. The streaming service was in this country until September 2014 at the start, but House of Cards was already running at the beginning, 2013. Since Netflix wanted to show the series in Germany in a timely manner to the international release, we looked at the time for a partner to which one then found in Sky.

For the pay-TV channel practically annoying for Netflix customers: Sky the broadcast rights secured for all seasons of House of Cards &# 8211; if at some point appear Season 6, so the game starts all over again. Even if one has completed a subscription to Netflix, you have to wait until the streaming service takes up the series in the program.

A little tip if you do not want to wait until the end of November: The Sky ticket * can you you the fifth season of House of Cards (and all previous seasons) look quite cheap at Sky conclude without another subscription. New customers get the Sky ticket for just one euro in the first month - enough time, then, to look at all the new episodes.

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