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Whether you are traveling on foot or by train: A new concept will reward you for every kilometer. Collects per MoovOn app easy points and they exchanged for rewards. These can be free drinks, chocolate bars but also cinema vouchers or discounts. What you offer the MoovOn app, you read below.

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MoovOn Download: The principle

After MoovOn Download it depends on each kilometer. You need not register and can lossammeln directly to you. Because on your distance traveled you collect the bonus program &# 8220; MoovCoins&# 8221 ;. These can be exchanged at participating partners to MoovOn premiums. That gets her for your trips:

  • Partner Rewards
  • Discounts at participating stores
  • Participation in competitions
  • Ranking of MoovOn users - you therefore see who reaches the most kilometers

Within a month you can collect up to 3 x 1000 MoovCoins. This can redeem it within the specified validity period. Can you manage not timely forfeited your MoovCoins and you begin anew with collecting.

Will convert her your MoovCoins, are of course the MoovOn locations of participating stores in the app appear to you in which you your &Success; # 8220&# 8221; can redeem in MoovOn. You can go to both by foot as also control the Internet for online shopping the MoovOn-app partner.

MoovOn Download: collect premiums by MoovCoins - important&# 8217; s

MoovCoins are available for each mode of transportation and other tricks:

  • Installing the app (200 MoovCoins).
  • Travels a distance easily on foot, by car, train or plane back.
  • Per visit to the MoovOn partners there are also MoovCoins.
  • Also make sure that you turn the app on a regular basis, you are credited MoovCoins (5 MoocCoins).
  • Paying the fee (33 MoovCoins).
  • Can you recommend MoovOn, you will be rewarded (10 MoovCoins) with MoovCoins.
  • Daily maximum of 1,000 MoovCoins can be collected.

Of course, the app shows you all MoovOn locations of stores participating in the rewards program. So that your kilometers have to be counted mobile networks or Wi-Fi and GPS to be turned on. The app does not need to be open in the foreground to collect MoovCoins. The kilometers be credited to you if you have the application open in the background.

  • MoovOn download
  • MoovOn download
  • MoovOn download
  • MoovOn download
  • MoovOn download

MoovOn partner: Here can redeem her your premiums

Will keep their MoovOn-points, rewards waiting for example, in:

  • Spotify (music streaming)
  • MoovOn Tank und Rast (rest stops and gas stations on motorways)
  • Cinemas (including online coupons for theater performances)

MoovOn Download: Experiences

With the app, and the concept of MoovOn app partner of providers Cittadino Digital GmbH has an interesting idea in the App Store and the Google Play Store thrown. Who travels a lot as a sales representative, comes quickly to benefit from the premiums. Especially in cities, there are many ways to redeem the rewards. Those who do not necessarily 1,000 km is for business or pleasure a month on the road, it will have more difficult to dust off a Snickers bar or a drink 0.5 liters.

Who the MoovOn reviews read through in the stores, notes that with regard to the premium provider even more choice is desirable. And not always the employees in the business know what to do with the app, if you want to pick up the bonuses, but the awareness is growing steadily and the app runs more stable. Find out more about MoovOn, the official Facebook page of MoovOn or YouTube channel visited.

We also have described you as you participate in the Xbox Live Rewards program, collect Payback points on Amazon and can get a payback points at Zalando.

Source: MoovOn via Cittadino Digital GmbH

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