BestChoice provider: Who’s Reward partners and how to redeem it?

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For many offers and deals in the network of shopping you is sweetened with a BestChoice voucher. This is equivalent in many eyes with cash, after the voucher from multiple vendors can be redeemed for various industries.

BestChoice provider: Who's Reward partners and how to redeem it?

An overview of the BestChoice provider provides information, in which you can use the coupon for the next purchase.

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BestChoice provider list: Who's partner in the coupon service?

A damper on the BestChoice vouchers have received mid-year. Both Media Markt and Saturn, as well as up Amazon as a partner in BestChoice. Although the biggest incentive for a BestChoice voucher has been eliminated thus for many, but there are still over 200 different vendors in your you can redeem one of these shopping vouchers. These include (as of. 11.8):

  • A.T.U.
  • Cewe Photobook
  • Conrad
  • Douglas
  • Eventim
  • Game World
  • grave accent
  • Gymondo
  • Heidepark
  • H&M
  • IKEA
  • iTunes Apps
  • Medimax
  • Otto
  • new Yorker
  • Rossmann
  • UCI
  • Zalando

A complete vendor list for the BestChoice coupon can be found in the official website of Cadooz.

BestChoice providers in Cadooz*

cadooz vendor listPart of the vendors at BestChoice (Source:

Redeem coupon BestChoice

The BestChoice voucher can be redeemed for vouchers for one or more of the guided at the top shops. Find out here how to redeem the voucher BestChoice:

  1. Opens the Cadooz website
  2. Give the voucher code in the appropriate field.
  3. Click "Check Code".
  4. Now you, the browser displays the current value of the voucher, which is hiding behind the code.
  5. Click on "Next to the shop."
  6. Now you can BestChoice the value in vouchers from the stores listed exchange.
  7. It is up to you whether the entire value only used a vendor or distributed across multiple provider.
  8. Splitting is possible in 5 EUR increments.
  9. Also cashing in bonuses in kind is possible.
  10. In your browser, it already redeemed coupon value and the remaining balance on the BestChoice voucher is always shown.
  11. After entering your address you the Redeemed vouchers will be sent by mail or e-mail.
  12. If trouble redeeming the voucher occur, you can record directly to the support at 040-2714820 contact.

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