In no other game is so eagerly waiting like GTA GTA 6. After a further shift 5 2013, the boundaries of the possible, the successor will set new standards again in terms of scope, the game world and realism. At this point we gather once before all rumors and news about the announcement of Grand Theft Auto. 6

198569All rumors about GTA 6

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Updated on March 15, 2017

When will GTA 6?

With the official announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 in October 2016 a possible Announcement of GTA 6 probably once again moved into the distance. The Western epic released in late 2017 and Rockstar Games will certainly once using most of its resources to this project. Of course, other Rockstar studios could nevertheless already working on GTA 6.

we look at once the Publication cycle of the previously released GTA Parts, then a pattern falls down on quite. so appeared GTA 3 2001 GTA 4 seven years later in 2008. Five years later finally saw the last part so far GTA 5 the light of the video game world. To better illustrate take a look at the following table.

gameRelease Date (first publication)
GTA 3Oct. 22, 2001
GTA Vice CityOctober 27, 2002
GTA San AndreasOctober 26, 2004
GTA 4April 29, 2008
GTA 5September 17, 2013
GTA 6End of 2018/2019?

As you can see, most GTA games always in autumn time appeared before the Christmas season. Following the pattern of five years distance, could appear GTA end 6 2018th However, we believe this is due to Red Dead Redemption 2 rather unlikely. Of the Release of GTA 6 is probably the earliest end of 2018, but rather 2019 or even 2020 occur.

Poll: Which GTA part is the best?

To shorten your waiting time, we want to know from you, which GTA part is the best because actually. Of course, here, each player has a different opinion. My favorite part is about GTA remains GTA Vice City. The 80s flair of Miami with the great soundtrack was in my opinion never as good recaptured.

For many players, but GTA San Andreas is the undisputed number one due to the huge game world and gameplay possibilities. But we do not forget GTA 3, which at that time the jump from 2D perspective in GTA 2 has mastered the 3D game world with flying colors. GTA 4 and GTA 5 the gameplay finally continually perfected and raised the bar for coming GTA 6 very high applied.

Let us in the following poll to know which is part of GTA in your opinion the best and likes to write us the reasons for your decision in the Comments!

Updated on January 23, 2017

GTA 6 has been released! In Brasil&# 8230; for the PS2&# 8230;

What crazy trains Hype around GTA 6 can assume, is in itself Fake or bootleg versions of GTA 6, which are currently sold in Brazil. So was there a now PlayStation 2 game of GTA 6 discovered, which of course is only a fake. On the cover there is an actress Summer Glau from the Terminator series &# 8220; The Sarah Connor Chronicles&# 8221; to see.

GTA 6 FakeGrand Theft Auto V Six 6 ?! WTF?

These poorly made fake games are mainly in Brazil and Indonesia are not uncommon. At best you'll find in such cases Modifications for GTA: San Andreas. In the worst case is on the disk to another or no game. Funny but it is all. More brazen copies of this kind provides you also the following video of the YouTube channel Vargskelethor Joel in front.

Original article

GTA 6: Next stop San Diego?

of course, the biggest mystery surrounding GTA 6, the scene of action represents. Rockstar Games has already secured the naming rights for the cities of Tokyo and Bogota in the past, which made speculating fans that the next part is the first time playing outside the US borders.

However, other rumors suggest otherwise, and many analysts and fans expect a GTA 6, in San Diego will play. The metropolis of 1.3 million people in southwestern California is near the Mexican border and offers everything for a virtual image of a new Grand Theft Auto.


However, there are many more Rumors around a story of GTA. 6

  • will indeed by many fans a GTA: Tokyo desired, but this is difficult to achieve according to rumors because of the cramped road system of the Japanese capital.
  • As Leslie Benzies nor was managing director at Rockstar North, he also did not rule out the idea to program a GTA 6, which incorporates many of the places from the previous parts.
  • Other possible venues would San Fierro or Las Venturas. These places were at that time missing puzzle pieces on the map of GTA: San Andreas and offer themselves as possible scenes of action.
  • Dan Houser, Co-founder of Rockstar, commented in an interview already means that he wants to limit the GTA franchise not only on American culture alone. A GTA 6 outside the American borders would therefore still possible.
  • It can also be about a GTA: London come. However, that would mean a big change for the players finally prevails in England left-hand traffic and the cars have their steering wheel on the right side.

GTA 6: New gameplay innovations desired

Hardly any other game series has grown with every part as GTA. Each branch of the game world became larger and you had more opportunities to drive you the time in the sandbox game. However, there are still many wishes of the fans, the game still more to expand gameplay mechanics and make it more realistic.

Start Photogallery(41 images)40 Details in GTA 5, who have certainly not noticed her

Surveys of players and a lot of Rumors of the protagonists give yourself a day the jack in hand.

  • Vehicle categories should differ more from each other. So players want more about that you can not climb more mountains or offroad swish through the prairie with supercar.
  • Keeping it also persistent rumors that GTA 6 first time female protagonist introduces. This is to be spoken by actress Eva Mendes.
  • Fits to is to assume the role of male protagonist Hollywood star and life companion Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling.
  • By the departure of Leslie Benzies, the year-long head of Rockstar, which has characterized the series of GTA GTA 3 to 5, drastic changes in gameplay can not be excluded.

GTA 6: Release and platforms

Of the Release of GTA 6 there is still a long way off and it is assumed that the development, if any, is still in a very early phase. So it could well be that GTA 6 in time for the release of the new consoles PlayStation and Xbox 5 Two appears. As with GTA 5 might then but still give branch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too.

but speaks against the financial success of GTA Online. The multiplayer part of GTA 5 alone has 500 million US dollars earned to date by micro-transactions. As long as GTA Online thus still runs well and played a lot, Rockstar looks may not have any urgency to develop a GTA. 6 Rockstar Games would like to present in the near future his next projects and eventually we first see a Red Dead Redemption 2, before proceeding with GTA. 6

What do you wish for GTA 6?

Now you are asking! How is your GTA 6 look like? What do you wish for a Handlungsort and protagonists? What new gameplay mechanics there should be in the open-world adventure? Write us your opinions in the comments!

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