Android 4.4 (KitKat) mini for the Samsung Galaxy S3 – that works out the update

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The developer behind the portal Nova merger has made it to prepare various Cyanogen Mod versions for the Galaxy S3 mini. He now provides almost daily updates of Android 4.4 (KitKat).

Android 4.4 (KitKat) mini for the Samsung Galaxy S3 - that works out the update

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: Install Android 4.4 - Frame-by-frame

Meanwhile, much has happened. The updates to the KitKat versions Android run very well even on older devices. For this the manufacturers themselves offer no more updates, but the community is working hard on the defragmentation of Android. A hope for an update will not be successful here, Samsung said an official update for the S3 from mini.

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KitKat update for the S3 mini: more speed and better battery life

I can anyone who loves his mini S3 highly recommend the Cyanogen Mod version of Nova merger. With the Android version 4.4 the unit will not only faster, but also the battery life increases significantly.

The CyanogenMod versions offered is mini adapted for the S3 versions that come from Nova merger. Meanwhile, it managed the developers even to come to a new kernel version with which the old hands again running a lot faster and more stable.

As always, the indication that we can not grant any liability for damage by following the instructions. May lose your warranty. Please note that will be lost from your phone with these instructions all the data. Only the SD card is unaffected by this tutorial.

The flash is actually quite easily and quickly by hand.

The best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini

How to Update: So can you Android flash mini on your Galaxy S3 4.4

The following things need to download it before and unpack:

  • Odin
  • Samsung USB drivers
  • Cyanogen Mod 11 mini for the Galaxy S3 (Odin version Select)
  • Here you come to Google Apps
169772Tutorial: So you get KitKat on the S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: Install Android 4.4 - Frame-by-frame

So you come to KitKat mini on the Galaxy S3:

  • Uninstalled from the PC gravel and related Samsung drivers if this were installed.
  • Unpacked and installed Odin, installed the drivers and unpacks the respective CyanogenMod version. packed remain Google Apps.
  • Turns off the phone. Then press Home, the volume up and the power button simultaneously.
  • Selects the menu "Wipe" and selects sequentially Dalvik cache and data from. Creates her room for the new Android operating system.
  • the phone switches off. Now you Home, volume down and power button simultaneously presses.
  • The warning confirms it with the volume up button.
  • Connects your smartphone via USB to the computer and starts Odin.
  • Ensures that only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are selected.
  • Now click on PDA and select the extracted .tar.md5 file. After that, a click followed &# 8220; Start&# 8221 ;.
  • Your phone automatically starts after flashing. CyanogenMod has been successfully installed.
  • Google Apps puts her in the root directory of your internal memory. (With USB cable to your smartphone copy)
  • Turns your smartphone, home, volume up and power button simultaneously presses.
  • Selects "Install" and examines the Google apps. the smartphone restarts.

Now the Play Store and Co. have been installed and your S3 Mini is ready for use.

If you still have questions, like so in the comments.

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