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By downloading Hay Day on your Android smartphone or iPad / iPhone it has a fun farm simulation in the style of Farmerama. Learn it, as you can also use the PC the game Hay Day.

Hay Day for PC: So are's die Farm auf Windows

A dedicated PC version of Hay Day, z. B. browser games, there are not yet present. However, one can can install the virtual farm with a little trick on the computer.

So there is Hay Day for PC

However, it should be said in advance that we have here is not an official PC version of Hay Day. Instead, you can bring a little effort, the Android version of Windows to run. For this you need the BlueStacks software. This can download it for free.

In order to play on PC Hay Day is as follows:

  1. Download Bluestack
  2. install Bluestack
  3. Calling App Store in the application
  4. Log in with Google Account
  5. Search Hay Day and invite to the harddisk

Now you can start the computer Hay Day. Will seek to ensure that Hay Day has not been optimized for playing on the PC. Some errors and problems can occur accordingly. An official Facebook version of Hay Day or a standalone browser game are not currently planned. Due to the popularity and success of the game farm a PC version, however, is quite possible.

49514Hay Day

So you can install Hay Day on the PC

When free game Hay Day have to grow their crops, while ensuring that your animals are nurtured on the farm and cared for. the Farm event is accompanied by a cute little cartoon graphics, equipped with high-resolution textures.

Gallery Hay Day

  • (Figure 1.5):Hay Day Screenshot 1
  • (Figure 5.2):Hay Day Screenshot 2
  • (Figure 5.3):Hay Day Screenshot 3
  • (Figure 4.5):Hay Day Screenshot 4
  • (Figure 5.5):Hay Day Screenshot 5

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