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Are there any Netflix offers and discounts for students? Whoever studies, usually has little time to go to work - if he wants to finish his studies and in a timely manner. This also means that you as a student always something short of money. Good to know, then, that students get discounts on many things in life. In the museum, for example. Or at the movies. Do these benefits even with VoD portals like Netflix, Amazon, Watch Ever and the others? We have found it for you.

211081Netflix: The cost of the streaming service

Netflix is ​​next Amazon Prime Video of the most popular streaming provider in Germany. For the relatively low price of 7.99 euros you get access to a huge library of shows and movies, including real highlights such as House of Cards, Sherlock and many more. Students also want to enjoy it, have mostly but not so much money &# 8211; clear that then sets off on a search for a discounted student subscription.

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Netflix for students: Is there a discount?

For average earners are 7.99 euros a month - more than currently costs the cheapest Netflix subscription - not too much money. That's an annual rate just under 96 euros. If you are a student and in addition to the partially horrendous rent on Unistandort also has to finance food and teaching materials, but then they can cut back quite a 96 euro budget.

  • Unfortunately, there are currently at Netflix but no benefits for students &# 8211; and that will probably not change so quickly.
  • But you can still save specifically by you share the account with other users.
  • Addiction to easy for people who also want access to the Netflix library and creates a premium account &# 8211; so that you not only streams in UltraHD, you can also create up to 4 different user accounts.
  • For four people, each only 2.33 euros paid per month &# 8211; for the Netflix offer is more than fair.

More information can be found in the article to Netflix: share account and share them with friends - can you mean? Another option is to switch to Amazon, where there actually are discounts for students. More on this in the next section.

Amazon Instant Video: Students welcome!

  • The subscription on Amazon Instant Video is called Prime. Herein, an amount is included. You get free shipping, delivery the next day, access to Amazon Instant Music and faster access to the popular Flash offers. There is a better deal for students. Instead of about 50 euros a year pay Studis Amazon only half. What is the catch?
  • Membership for students at an unbeatable price of 24 euros per year is limited to a total period of 4 years.
  • After that, Prime membership changes to a regular price of 49 euros per year. Here you have to be careful so that you announced in time.
  • The first year of Prime membership is free for students. However, this is associated with limitations. The Kindle lending library and also the instant video offering is not available to the tested students. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you need to prematurely terminate and switch to the regular subscription price of 24 euros, the trial subscription.
  • All information and how it uses the student subscription, here we show you, Amazon Student - registration, benefits and all information.

Netflix always see in HD - Here&# 8217; s

Student discounts with max cathedrals and Sky online?

After Amazon Instant Video *Netflix for Students: discounts and offers from Netflix, Amazon & amp; Co. dominated second max cathedrals *Netflix for Students: discounts and offers from Netflix, Amazon & amp; Co.German streaming market. Unfortunately, the only way to save money on max cathedrals, the free trial month. Extra benefits for students is not here. If you still decide for a subscription: It's a month's notice.

Even Sky granted Studis no discounts. However, you will not be forced as well with max cathedrals and Netflix to commit to you over a longer period here. The subscription of Sky Online *Netflix for Students: discounts and offers from Netflix, Amazon & amp; Co. is terminated monthly.

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