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Just as on Steam and Origin, some Ubisoft games must be registered on the PC via the system "Uplay" and started. is displayed - it annoying when Uplay crashes and only the error message "The program will not run properly because of a problem Uplay launcher has stopped working" is.

"Uplay launcher has stopped working": Help and Solutions

From the error message itself is still no solution can be derived, but you have some options in their own hands if the error "Uplay Launcher stopped working" is displayed. Should generally have problems starting and running games occur, you should this &# 8220; as an administrator&# 8221; start.

"Uplay launcher has stopped working"? This can be done

If the error in a Ubisoft game, z. B. Far Cry 4, Anno 2070 o. Ä. occur, proceed as follows:

  • First opens the Control Panel and open there the administration to uninstall programs.
  • Deletes Uplay from the hard drive.
  • Invite Uplay newly downloaded the game client.
  • Starts the PC in Safe Mode. Expresses this the "F8" key before the Windows screen can be seen during the boot process.
  • Installed now Uplay in safe mode.
  • Click this "Run as administrator" the downloaded installation file with the right mouse button and dials.
  • Disables the proxy settings in Uplay. Opens this settings using the gear icon and remove the check in the "Allow Uplay to use a proxy connection to access the Internet."

"Uplay launcher has stopped working": Help and Solutions

Note that Uplay required in most cases an internet connection to play. Checks for this in the settings (gear icon) whether the "Uplay always in offline mode" setting is disabled. Now installs the game and start the game on Uplay.

Help! "Uplay launcher has stopped working"

also making the latest version of the Uplay launcher and the game in which the error "Uplay launcher has stopped working" occurs regularly, to have on your hard drive respects. an update possibly may already ensure that the problem does not recur. Even settings in their own firewall or antivirus program can cause Uplay crashes.

One of the many Uplay games: Far Cry 4One of the many Uplay games: Far Cry 4

In addition, a look at the portal is recommended allestoerungen.de. There you can see whether other players have problems with Uplay. multiply the messages at a certain time, it can be assumed that the Uplay servers have problems. Especially after releases of popular games can cause disorders that also cause the error message "no longer Uplay launcher works." Unfortunately, in this case, not much other choice than to wait until the rush dies down and the Uplay servers have regenerated.

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