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Cait is one of the 13 companions in Fallout 4 that can provide advice and support to you in the post-apocalyptic fiction role-playing game. The Chem-dependent Cait is not like on the mouth and has especially in close combat some of it. Wherever you find them, which likes and dislikes it possesses and how you can enter into a romance with her, learn it in the Companion Guide.

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What are the consequences of excessive drug use in the form of Chems in Fallout 4 has, you can see the example of companion Cait. Although she is very strong fight, but again and again because of their excessive consumption psychological health problems. How do you to your it Companion makes and can free themselves from their dependence, learn it below. We also give you guides to the other companions in the game.

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Fallout 4: Cait Guide &# 8211; so you find them

Around Cait as companion unlock, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the Combat zone in the center of Boston. The exact location can snap her about a conversation in Diamond City.
  2. Here exhibition matches for the amusement of Raider gangs operate. The star of the arena is Cait.
  3. Kill all the Raider in the area and speak with the fight promoters Tommy Lonegan.
  4. He asks you to take care of Cait, while building the arena again.

From now is you Cait as a companion to disposal.

Tommy Lonegan must clean up the mess which have caused her. Therefore you shall long as you take care to Cait.Tommy Lonegan must clean up the mess which have caused her. Therefore you shall long as you take care to Cait.

Companion Quest: Help friends

to Caits personal Quest To start, you must first increase to her by the below positive actions your relationship. In an interview she is to you then their Chem dependency confess. You also mentioned Vault 95, where there is a possibility to free them from their addiction. then proceed as follows.

  1. Make your way to having Cait Vault 95 in the south East.
  2. Fight your way through the vault. Here you meet Gunner, combat robots and turrets.
  3. Continues until her to Cleanroom comes.
  4. Now you just need Cait talking convince the detoxification perform.
In the melee Cait has it a lot.In the melee Cait has it a lot.

Caits strengths and weaknesses

Cait is an experienced fighter and has its Arena Strengths especially in unarmed combat or melee weapons. It can also pick locks. Are you so in this perk even not so gifted, they can help out you there and gain access to closed areas or crack safes. However, until you have fulfilled their quest, she has worked with health problems because of their drug use to fight.

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increase Caits relationship: likes and dislikes

Cait has a fiery temperament and has a rather anarchic worldview. rather she thinks of itself and estimates a selfish behavior also with you. Diplomacy is also not their thing and therefore it is in the violent enforcement of targets always on your side.

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With selfless or diplomatic behavior does not collect any bonus points you at Cait. So avoids to peaceful solutions to problems or take any unpaid orders if you want to collect her bonus points.

An overview of the positive and negative effects of specific individual actions you see below.

actionImpact on the relationship
Chem dependencyfallout-4-positive-negative (Before or after their Quest)
use Chemsfallout-4-positive-negative (Before or after their Quest)
donate an itemfallout-4-positive-negative (Before or after their Quest)
drink alcoholfallout-4-positive
kill a non-hostile NPCfallout-4-negative
crack foreign Castlefallout-4-positive
running around without clothesfallout-4-positive

Romance with Cait

Have you the side quest Help friends completed by Cait and brought the relationship to the level maximum, you can also courting and in a conversation enter into relationship. Here you help with to flirt a high Charisma value and Perk Ladykiller.

By fulfilling their quest, their bonus points accumulated at Cait and also changes their beliefs.By fulfilling their quest, their bonus points accumulated at Cait and also changes its attitude towards drugs.

As a reward for the maximum level relationship with Cait get her following Skill:

  • Trigger Rush: to your health is below 25%, is your action points regenerate faster.

is puts her you at maximum relationship sleep during Cait your companion, it makes you company and you'll get after you wake up the following skill:

  • Pillow Talk: You gain + 15% experience points for a limited time.

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