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The doctors are with their cry for love again ask the charts and the attentive listening to the anti-neo-Nazi songs many, which because actually the line of text: &# 8220; hatred is your attitude&# 8221; means exactly. Since doctors assume that one is stupid, if one did not know demands are embarrassed. This guide explains to you the word so well that you then know better informed than Farin, Bela and Rod!

What is attitude? Meaning & amp; explained simply useAt-ti-tu-de comes from the French &# 8211; atityd spoken.
Meaning: attitude, behavior, demeanor, attitude

attitude &# 8211; original use in the field of forming and performing arts

At the word attitude is it a so-called Gallizismus, one borrowed from the French language word. Even in the case of attitude was adapted the German spelling of the articulation after successful borrowing and establishment of the word, therefore, was the u to u. Other words that have experienced similar naturalization, for example, office, calculus, costume, snub, menu, perfume or plush.

Attitude was initially used primarily in the area of ​​the performing and visual arts. Accordingly, its importance is also explained in the dictionary of the Brothers Grimm with examples that are taken from these areas. For example, a director can cause or an actor to a certain pose or attitude give a sculptor his statue a wonderfully expressive attitude. Also in the ballet some positions with the French attitude are called.

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what's attitude physicians album from amazon cover* What's attitude in everyday language and the doctors Song?

Actually therefore describes a physical attitude attitude and a stance that conveys a particular artistic and spiritual expression. The word but over the years gained a figurative meaning, in which it, for example, in medical-song cry for love *What is attitude? explains importance and use easy occurs. In these contexts, the word means not so much a physical, but a mental attitude. then one speaks of setting &# 8211; said attitude still carries the connotation of the physical expression in the form of a specific Gebarens or behavior with itself.

The line &# 8220; hatred is your attitude&# 8221; therefore includes both the mental attitude, and the resulting violent behavior of a neo or sympathizers. 


The &Action asshole; # 8220&# 8221; &# 8211; Cry for love is pushed to No. 1 on the download charts!

1993 was the song one of the best comments for increasing xenophobia and right-wing violence. (1992) attacks on asylum seekers in Hoyerswerda and Rostock-Lichtenhagen, where applauding citizens stood by, and deadly arson attacks on Turkish families in Mölln and Solingen gave more than enough reason for this song, which expressed in his time what many felt and thought ,

Now, in 2015, seems to repeat history: Violent riots of a right-wing mobs and violent citizens from refugee camps in Freital and Heidenau and thousands inhuman hate comments on the net give great cause for concern.

Hoyerswerda Nazis bullsVia Antifa Info Sheet

The action asshole was founded by the music teacher Gerhard Torges. His goal: to make the song popular again. No. 1 on the download charts on Google Play and Amazon prove the success. The doctors have commented on the action: &# 8220; We definitely do not deserve anything in this matter and all income from &# 8216; cry for love&8217; &# 8211; also from GEMA &# 8211; to Pro donate asylum. We wish all the Nazis and their sympathizers bad entertainment!&# 8221;

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