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Google Books Downloader to books from Google Books can download, convert and save, copy and print.

Google Books, there are already quite a while and the offer is very successful. The service provides a huge number of free books available for free reading available. However there is a catch in the matter: Google Books can not be saved, be converted to other formats or printed. Exactly these restrictions removed the freeware Google Books Downloader.

Google Books Downloader: Installation and Use

If the installation of the tool completed, the use of which works as follows: In the field ??&# 8221; Google Book URL&# 8221; ?? gives you the address of the Google Books that you want to download with Google Books Downloader and convert. It is best to copy this URL from the address bar of the browser. Subsequently, sets the output format in that the Google Book to be converted. Here are the formats PDF, JPG and PNG to choose from. Finally, you still determines the resolution and determines the output folder for the converted file. The best way to forgive it a name, otherwise the Google Book is saved with a string of the URL as a name. Then one operated ?? Start ?? and Google Books Downloader begins to download the book. If this is complete, you can copy the book arbitrarily and print.

Google Books Downloader

Apart from the Windows version is on the side of the manufacturer also versions of Google Books Downloader for Mac OS and Android for download.

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