nfo file open on Windows and Mac

Who scoured his file collection on their PC or Mac, comes across many files can not be opened right away. Especially when packed Downloads a nfo file is often attached. After a double you get usually only a query which app you can open the nfo file.

Include files in this format as the name suggests, information. It may be, for example, information about the associated download or to Windows system information.

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Open nfo file: text editor is enough

In these Info files yourself as a password or description can hide. Also ASCII graphics, ie pictures that are composed of characters that are used in nfo files. Can you not see that content for a double, you need an additional program.

  • Complex tools for opening a nfo file but you do not need.
  • Instead, you can use a simple text editor.
  • This may be the text editor that comes pre-installed on Windows or an additional downloaded programs, such as the PSPad editor.
  • Alternatively, you can download the Notepad ++ program to open files in the nfo format.
  • With programs of this kind can also create or edit nfo files.

Want to create their own nfo files and equip it with images, you can create first a generator ASCII images, and then insert it using the text editor in the information collection.

nfo file open on Windows and Macnext descriptions nfo files often include beautiful ASCII images

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Also on Mac can be a nfo file

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If the right program are not automatically selected, click the right mouse button on the nfo file. Then choose from the context menu "Open with" and searches for the appropriate text editor to view the contents of the nfo file. Also on the Mac, you can open a nfo file. As with Windows you only need a simple text editor or text viewer.


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