WWE 2K16: All Achievements and Trophies – Guidelines and tips for 100%

The new wrestling season approaches with the release of WWE 2K16 its peak. With current and legendary wrestlers her your skills in the ring are allowed to prove. Do you imagine it particularly adept at, you can also doing a lot of achievements and trophies to unlock that we tell you in our overview.


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WWE 2K16 brings you the next big wrestling event for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. As the roster is large fall here, you can see in the pictures section with all the superstars. In the following guide, we show you one Overview of all achievements and trophies in the game.

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WWE 2K16: all achievements and trophies Overview

Overall, you can 30 Achievements (31 trophies on the PlayStation) unlock during the game. There are successes for the extensive single player mode and in multiplayer, as for the completion of 100 ranked matches. In a separate table below you can also the Secret Achievements and Trophies members.

WWE 2K16: Impressive from gamescom with Daniel Bryan

all-trophies-obtainedAll trophies obtained-platinum
Acquires all the trophies.
mr-money-in-the-bankMr. Money in the Bankgamerscore-70gold
WWE Universe &# 8211; Wins Money in the Bank with a created superstar. (Solo)
master-of-universeMasters of the Universegamerscore-30silver
WWE Universe &# 8211; Plays and wins 50 matches.
road-to-wrestlemaniaRoad to WrestleManiagamer core 15bronze
WWE Universe &# 8211; Win the WrestleMania main event as the Royal Rumble winner. (Solo)
DangerAttention!gamer core 50silver
Successfully carries out a finisher reversal. (Solo)
Performs a successful comeback move. (Solo)
ever-vigilant stay-Always remain vigilantgamer core 50silver
Runs a Catch finisher. (Solo)
winner combinationwinner combinationgamer core 50silver
Uses a wake-up Taunt, lands a finisher and pinning your opponent immediately. (Solo)
excellent-performingexcellent executiongamer core 50silver
Attacks every body part at least once per body parts to give to. (Single player / Exhibition)
ran-ans-ropeRan to the rope!gamerscore-30bronze
Crawls during a submission to the ropes. (Solo)
Oh, my goodnessOh! My goodness!gamer core 15bronze
Conveys your opponent with an OMG!-Moment through the announcers table. (Single player / Exhibition)
a-winner-is-youA winner is yougamerscore-70gold
Wins 20 matches on Hard, or higher in the Universe or Exhibition mode. (Solo)
over-the-rope-with-youOver the rope with you!gamer core 15silver
Eliminate 12 opponents with the same superstar in a single Royal Rumble match. (Solo)
matchmakerMatchmakergamer core 15bronze
Wins in 20 different match types. (Solo)
master-of-locker roomMaster dressing roomgamer core 15bronze
Completed a match with 50 different superstars / divas. (Solo)
unknown veteranunknown veterangamer core 15bronze
Win 10 times with a created superstar. (Solo)
knock-knock-knockKnock! Knock! Knock!gamer core 15bronze
Bring 1 opponents by submission, which is not a finisher or signature move, to the task. (Solo)
tragically and-magicTragic and magicalgamer core 15bronze
Destroyed two announcers tables in a single match. (Solo)
the-ring-hear-meThe ring is minegamerscore-40bronze
Plays a match in a prepared arena. (Solo)
unique-superstarUnique Superstargamerscore-40bronze
Created a superstar with a superstar head.
100 Fighting100 battlesgamerscore-70gold
Play 100 online matches. (Ranked Match)
ring-expertRing expertgamerscore-70gold
Plays all selectable match types. (Ranked Match)
austin-3-16Austin 3:16gamer core 15bronze
2K Showcase &# 8211; closes &# 8220; Austin 3:16&# 8243; from scenario. (Solo)
showcase-meisterShowcase Championgamer core 20bronze
2K Showcase &# 8211; Completes all bonus matches. (Solo)
wrestling heritageWrestling heritagegamerscore-30silver
2K Showcase &# 8211; Completes all targets.
dont-trust anybodyDon&# 8217; t Trust Anybodygamerscore-40gold
2K Showcase &# 8211; Completes all special goals.
stone-cold-said-soStone Cold said sogamer core 15bronze
2K Showcase &# 8211; Turns all video replays and photos in the gallery freely and look at them.

Secret Achievements and trophies

phenom-vs-scorpionPhenom vs. Scorpiongamerscore-30silver
WWE Universe &# 8211; Win a match at WrestleMania between Undertaker and Sting. (Solo)
lightning-reflexesLightning Reflexesgamer core 15bronze
Reverses a Curb Stomp with the RKO Catch finisher. (Solo)
suplex-citySuplex Citygamerscore-30silver
Leads with Lesnar the German Suplex 4 or the back suplex 2 10 times out in a match. (Solo)
what-what-whatWhat? What? What?gamer core 20bronze
2K Showcase WM19 scenario &# 8211; Free yourselves from 3 pins at the last historic goal.

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