Battle Born: The heroes in detail

Battle Born has heroes from the five factions to choose from which can you then play in Gearbox new hero shooter and level up. We introduce you to the following article all previously known heroes.

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In Battle Born, the choice of the hero is not easy, because to whimsical and funky are the individual characters than that you might decide you quickly. Thus, the choice is a little easier, we have hitherto known heroes of fractions ordered assembled and packed a few more about their abilities to do so.

Battle Born Heroes - All characters of Jenne rites empire

The militaristic Jenne rites empire sends dark warrior as Battle Born into battle. If you're into swords, Gothic style and the colors red and black, can be found here certainly a reasonable heroes.

RathBattle Born: The heroes in detail Rath is a sword master of Jenne rites empire and a former member of Empress Lenore's bodyguard, the guardians of the blade. As he, however, has not much to do as a bodyguard, he had himself transferred to the front to give to taste its three energy-blades the other political groups and the Varelsi there. Rath is the way, not a vampire, even though everyone likes to claim.
L1 / E / LB Cross Blade: Short throw high damage.
R1 / Q / RBCatalytic Smasher: Shockwave that causes right outside Rath high damage.
Triangle / F / Y Wind of horror: inflicts surface attack, the enemies to Rath high damage.
passiveGenetics Suckers: Inflicted damage is attributed with a small percentage Rath life energy.
CaldariusBattle Born: The heroes in detailCaldarius is a former gladiator from the arenas of Jenne rites empire. He wears a jetpack armor with which he quickly jumps into the attack and brutally dismantled his enemies. If their enemies to escape danger, he can shoot with seinr gun.
L1 / E / LB Gravity Thrust: Assault with a high damage.
R1 / Q / RBFlashbang: Causing damage grenade and hidden.
Triangle / F / YAir Raid: Caldarius blows. Reactivating let him land with high damage output.
passive Gravity manipulation: enables double jump.
DeandeDeandeDeande is a former spy of Jenne rites empire and a member of Rendains closest advisors circle. Now she is spearheading the Jennerithen rebellion. Deande is fast, quiet and extremely deadly. This makes them the most dangerous assassins has ever sprung from the empire.
L1 / E / LB Holozwilling: Deande camouflaged and replaced with a bait that is fighting for them and explodes on death or expiration.
R1 / Q / RBSalvo offense: Assault, the opponent hurt and repels. Met enemies cause less damage.
Triangle / F / Y Blinzelsturm: Salve attack stunned right in front Deande the opponents.
passive Surprise: After decloak all attacks and Skills cause additional damage.
AtticusBattle Born: The heroes in detailAtticus rose from the hordes of Jennerithen-serfs. The natural leader was forever changed when his empire guards implanted him one driven by shrapnel technology into the body. In order to save his people, he now fights against the Varelsi and the rule of Rendain.
L1 / E / LB Sentence: Big jump with large area damage. Opponents are thrown back. Charged the sentence damage shields.
R1 / Q / RB Hedronischer Beam: Loading Attikus electrically and causes damage when contacting opponents. Also charged close enemies are hit.
Triangle / F / YHedronische eruption: Shock waves. Charged enemies be thrown.
passiveHedronischer Collect: Kills give Atticus charges.
ambergrisBattle Born: The heroes in detailIn the past Ambra served the Sisters of Jennerithen. These priestesses interwoven the secrets of the stars &Loftiness; # 8220&# 8221; &# 8211; an extended life. Ambra was betrayed by Rendain now struggling with the Battle Born using their strong healing skills and burning damage the sun anomalies.
L1 / E / LB Sunspot: Surface attack that inflicts damage to nearby enemies and heals allies at the expense of their own health. It can be active two sunspots simultaneously.
R1 / Q / RBSolar wind: That inflicts rays attack the enemies in front of you harm.
Triangle / F / Y Destruction: causes range attack that inflicts damage and damage over time by a burned spot on the ground.
passive Shield of flame: At low health Ambra receives an over shield in the form of a flame shield.

Battle Born Heroes - All characters of the Last Light Consortium

The capitalist and dominated by machines Last Light Consortium sends elegant and civilized Battle Born into battle, but can still dish it out - in style!

marquis Battle Born: The heroes in detailMarquis was once the robo-butler of Phoebe until he heard some strange program updates and since then is known as the Marquis d'Caliber. He's fighting style with a sniper cane called "Penner Parade" and can use small exploding owls called Houdini.
L1 / E / LBTime warp: Slowing enemies in the area
R1 / Q / RBPredatory attack: Summons the owl Houdini, dealing damage upon collision with enemies. There can be a maximum of three owls in use.
Triangle / F / YPenner-Pops: Shot with enormous damage. The further the distance to the target, the greater the damage.
passiveUn, Deux, Dead: Shots mark the target. The third shot at the same target are immense bonus damage.
PhoebeBattle Born: The heroes in detailPhoebe is a floating Aristokratin whose immense family property constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of the load Light Consortium. Phoebe is always looking for new discoveries and dismantled their enemies stylishly with its multi-phase Degen Addonexus.
L1 / E / LBPhasentor: After a short recharge their teleports you to the destination.
R1 / Q / RBBlade Dance: Four rapiers be fired in the direction of view.
Dreick / F / YBlade cascade: Great area fall in the rapiers and cause great damage.
passiveTrue impact: Push in a certain direction, engages in the Phoebe with the sword.
Kleese Battle Born: The heroes in detailThe former, grumpy director of Minion Robotics is now the chief research officer of the Nova. Kleese is a mad scientist the Away missions, although hate, but still fond of his new technologies, such as the fight throne
L1 / E / LBEnergy gap: Provides allied shields restores and adds opponents shame to-
R1 / Q / RBEnergy mortar: Range attack, the damage on opponents and Cshilden bonus damage caused.
Triangle / F / YBlack hole: Opens a black hole which attracts enemies and deals damage.
passiveTactical Combat throne: Increased per stage Klesses maximum shields and allows long jumps.
isicBattle Born: The heroes in detailIsic in the past was the senior manufacturing Magnus Minion-Robotics. However, he left this post to bring with unimaginable komplzierten code reality itself to crash. Kleese could fix these errors indeed, but isic still enjoys a reputation as one of the most threatening Battle Born.
L1 / E / LBRotating shot: Rotating protections that absorb damage.
R1 / Q / RBPlasma offense: Your fires a beam that attracts isic to the target and dealing damage to enemies along the way.
Dreick / F / YOmega-blow: Enables a Geschützmodu, which replaces the standard weapon for the big guns. Overloading activates a shield over.
passiveOverloading: Is the basic weapon charged, activated abilities are amplified in their effect.
El DragonBattle Born: The heroes in detailFrancesco Drake was the undefeated king of the LLC-wrestling scene. But isic took him from his title. Not only that, but also Francesco's arms&# 8230; Now he wears Cybernetics prostheses he fights, El Dragon, has come to his nemesis with Battle Born to be time for revenge.
L1 / E / LBumrennen: Assault. En Fuego: El Dragon leaps, the enormous damage caused.
R1 / Q / RBDragon splash: Pounding jump, the surface damage caused. En Fuego: Causes enhanced still further anesthetic.
Triangle / F / YEn Fuego: Your explodes dealing damage surrounding enemies to. Enables En Fuego.Modu for some time.
passiveunchallenged: For each defeated enemy of melee damage increases. Persists in part after eibenen death.

Battle Born Heroes - All characters of apostates

The anarchist and militant renegades love their freedom and their bizarre views. Therefore, some of the craziest heroes among their Battle Born.

OrendiBattle Born: The heroes in detailOrendi is a strange little creature with mismatched eyes and four scrawny little arms (with only four fingers). And whatever it is, Orendi seems to dominate a kind of quasi-magical powers with which they can do all sorts of mischief. Orendi incidentally spoken of Ashley Burch, the voice of Tiny Tina from Borderlands.
L1 / E / RB Suspension: Jump backwards. At the starting point in a small radius area damage is caused.
R1 / Q / RBSchattenfeuer: Range damage with great damage effect.
Triangle / F / Y Paradigm shift: Explosion right in front Orendi, high damage verursachie
passive Gnosis: Activation of suspension lowers the cooldown of Shadow Fire pillars.
ReynaBattle Born: The heroes in detailThe tough fighter Reyna is a kind of leader of the renegades, which only follow her because Reyna is very charismatic. In battle, they ballert around with a large-caliber revolver and skin enemies with a grappling hook from the socks.
L1 / E / LBShield Boost: Gives an ally a sign over the Reyna can load with their plasma pulse.
R1 / Q / RBPriority target: Shoots from a target seeking projectile that causes damage, reveals the opponent and marked for increased damage.
Triangle / F / YPhoton thrust: Produces a protective dome energy, ejects the enemies and no attack from the outside permits.
passiveemergency safety device: Shield Boost on an opponent applies to Reyna, provided emergency safety device is available.
Whiskey FoxtrotBattle Born: The heroes in detailWhiskey Foxtrot is the clone counterpart Oscar Mike comes from a series of faulty military units (WF02-1221) and is the only surviving fighters in this series. rejected by the peacekeepers, to Foxtrot joined the defectors after they arrived at Solus.
L1 / E / LBSticky: Grenade that adhere to surfaces and opponents remains.
R1 / Q / RBScrap Cannon: Fires a Schrapnellgeschoss.
Triangle / F / YOverload: Magazine with increased rate of fire.
passiveBattle rhythm: Enemies killed increase attack damage temporarily.
Shayne & AuroxBattle Born: The heroes in detailAn uneasy alliance binds a omnidimensionalen terror to a 16-year-old punk. Together they are one of the most dangerous fighters teams of apostates. Each by itself is quite impressive, but together they are fearsome and fight especially for one: himself.
L1 / E / LBTarnschlag: You will camouflaged. If the camouflage finished Aurox attacks with surface damage in the area.
R1 / Q / RBPick up: Aurox shoots forward, pulls the next opponent to Shayne and causing damage.
Triangle / F / YTag Team: Aurox adds a nearby target over time damage and flings following nearby enemies into the air.
passivenimble: Is Aurox disabled, Shayne moved quickly.
TobyBattle Born: The heroes in detailToby is a talented technician who was rejected by the peacekeepers because of its cute and small stature. Then he offered the apostates and now controls a veritable death Machine &# 8211; despite its pretty self-critical and fearful being.
L1 / E / LB Ray Mine: Mine, which inflicts area damage after a short delay and finally explodes with splash damage.
R1 / Q / RBForce Field: Blocks damage and increases the speed of the railgun projectiles shot through the force field.
Triangle / F / YCore discharge: Turns the Mech into a laser, causing the damage over time
passive Booster: Double jump in one direction are Toby a boost.

Battle Born Heroes - All characters of Eldrid

Send your nature-loving Eldrid primitive fighter than Battle Born in the conflict. Therefore, you will encounter less high-tech weapons than on axes and bows at the characters from this fraction.

BoldurBattle Born: The heroes in detail Boldur the intolerable is a stocky dwarf and a Native of Eldrid World Ekkunar. Boldur is stubborn as 100 donkeys and has neither manners nor decency. In the melee he swings a Runenaxt, protects himself with his shield and mocked his enemies with his bare, hairy dwarf ass!
L1 / E / LBBoldur-offense: makes short leap forward, the damage and knocking back enemies caught.
R1 / Q / RBax throwing: Ax is thrown, causing high damage. If the ax retrieved the cooldown decreases.
Triangle / F / YRune Power: Increased melee damage. A percentage of blocked damage is converted into life.
passiveRage: Kills increase momentarily attack speed.
MikoBattle Born: The heroes in detailOne of the craziest heroes of the Battle Born intelligent Pilz Miko who throws as a kind of fungus Ninja poisonous daggers but also acts as a caring healer. Miko is the last offshoot of its kind, a once an entire planet überspannendem mycelium.
L1 / E / LBBiosynthesis: Strong self-heal over time. In addition, Mikos healing beam improved.
R1 / Q / RBSpore Cloud: Range attack, the opponent slows down and inflict high damage.
Triangle / F / YFungus Among Us: Surface treatment that regenerates contribute to the high amount of health over time. Can be destroyed by enemies.
passiveMolekularmykologie: Thrown Kunai poison enemies and deal damage over time.
ThornBattle Born: The heroes in detailThe Space Elves teshka Elessamorn, nicknamed Thorn, is the last survivor of her home world. Since then, she fights for the Eldrid by slay their enemies with arrows or cursed calls ghostly wolves as companions. Throne is one of the fastest heroes in the game.
L1 / E / LBHail:  Horizontal line of five arrows that cause great damage and bounce off the ground.
R1 / Q / RBBlight:  Range attack, the enemy holds and high damage.
Triangle / F / YWild Rage: After a charging time a bomb is thrown, which inflicts massive damage.
passiveJudgment of nature: taken from a charged arrow enemies are marked and a curse. These enemies get extra damage by charged shots and ability.
KelvinBattle Born: The heroes in detail
Kelvin is a Golem. A strange beings from near Solus. It consists of extremophile microorganisms with hive mind. Miko saved Kelvin and now the Golem kämft with Eldrid to protect the remains of the cosmos.
L1 / E / LB Sublimate: You transform into an ice cloud and gain increased movement speed. Touched foe be slowed and take damage.
R1 / Q / RBMunch: Bite attack, the damage plus a percentage Levins max. Health causes. Dies the enemy, you gain back their life energy.
Triangle / F / Y ice wall: The ice wall firert an opponent, stunning them for a while.
passive Permafrost: Is a skill to an end, Kelvin gets temporarily shield strength.
MellkaBattle Born: The heroes in detailMellka was born as a fugitive and raised by one of the most aggressive of the command units Eldrid, the wax seeds and formed. Mellka mastered many fighting techniques. Still, she has a penchant for exotic weapons and of course their biological Eldrid-gauntlet is inseparable from her left hand.
L1 / E / LBClaws jump: Precise assault with melee damage.
R1 / Q / RBsting: Charged toxic shock hurls Mellka into the air and splash damage.
Triangle / F / YBlade Launcher: Volley from poisoned throwing blades.
passivepoison: Invites her machine gun according to, the empty magazine is shot as a grenade forward. The more ammunition in the magazine was, the bigger the explosion.

Battle Born Heroes - All Characters of the United peacekeepers Republics

The confident and freedom-loving United peacekeepers republics fighting and other-traditional values ​​of freedom and equality. Your Battle Born are as boys and girls with a penchant for thick shootas.

Montana Battle Born: The heroes in detailThe gigantic mountain of muscle with small head looks like a teaching degree to steroid abuse. But his impressive dimensions allow him a gigantic Minigun to lead into battle with the Montana all wegpustet that moves.
L1 / E / LBLumberjack offense: Assault that makes a lot of damage and knocking back. Meets the rebounding opponents object or allies, he is stunned.
R1 / Q / RBHailstorm: Special ammunition, which slows down the opponents. Adds and reduces received damage. Armor
Triangle / F / YMan chosen: Causing great damage ramming attack and high hurls nearby enemies. Reduced short time suffered from damage.
passiveHeat Wave: it caused the hotter the Minigun is, the more damage.
Oscar MikeBattle Born: The heroes in detailOscar Mike is a clone soldier from a long-ago war, but can easily bring his skills in the fighting in the Solus system. Oscar Mike is the archetypal shooter hero who shoots with his assault rifle and air strikes can request.
L1 / E / LBstealth generator: Invisibility.
R1 / Q / RBFrag Grenade: Grenade which exploded shortly after launch and makes high area damage.
Triangle / F / YAirstrike: Range attack, go down in the rocket high damage. (Also works inside)
passiveTactical Missiles: The first floors of a magazine cause more damage.
BenedictBattle Born: The heroes in detail
For Benedict are only three things: Benedict, missiles and Benedict. His Linkel wing was verküppelt during the evacuation of his home world, yet this bold-arrogant warrior is still restricted airworthy and leaves from a safe altitude missiles rain down on his opponents.
L1 / E / LBEagle Eye: Shoots a missile and marks the opponents taken as a target for other missiles.
R1 / Q / RBTake off: Benedict soars into the sky.
Triangle / F / YBomb weather: Fires a controllable missile. If the skill re-activated during the flight, it explodes.
passiveFlying ace: In a double jump and then holding the jump key Benedict glides through the air.
Trevor GhaltBattle Born: The heroes in detailGhalt is a former peacekeepers officer and an experienced commander. Among his strongest weapons counts his shotgun and his charisma. He still is considered the first Battle Born, as he has called the first the united struggle against the Varelsi.
L1 / E / LBThe hook: Hook opponents ranzieht.
R1 / Q / RBScrap case: Trap that stuns an enemy and then exploded.
Triangle / F / YSecond weapon: Equips a second Shotgun, resulting in double damage.
passiveTactical cartridge: The last cartridges in the drum cause more damage.
GalileaBattle Born: The heroes in detailGalilea was severely disfigured by a harmful substance during a mission against the Jennerithen. Since then, they lived hundreds of years in exile on Bliss and finally joined the Battle Born on. She wears a lot of darkness in what gives her a lot of strength, but at the same time constitutes its toughest fight.
L1 / E / LBShield Throw: Deals damage and stuns opponents.
R1 / Q / RBDesecration: Cursed the ground beneath you, and so increases the damage to enemies in that area.
Triangle / F / YAbyss shape: Explosive transformation that causes damage. In this form, you will receive less damage and regenerates Gesungheit.
passiveCorruption: increasing attacks and skills the damage done by Galilea corruption and Lifesteal to nearby enemies.

Rotating protections that absorb damage

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