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On the website Elite Partner you can look for a partner. We show you the practical guide as you ElitePartner can terminate and delete your profile again.

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Depending on how long you ElitePartner uses, there may some costs to get to you. If you no longer uses the service, it is recommended to terminate this and delete your profile.

  • ElitePartner costs: are expensive Sun &# 8220; singles with level&# 8221;

Danger: The order is: First terminate, then delete profile! If you will only delete your profile, your subscription runs still further with additional costs for you. In addition, the notice period may vary in length depending on the chosen contract model.

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Elite partners: notice of termination template

If it is and just go very quickly, to upload your Elite Partner notice of termination to the web service Buddy.co submit:

  1. simply fills, the free form fields (name, address, email, etc.).
  2. Your signature can you upload a picture or draw itself.
  3. Click then finally on the button below dismissal now ship.
  4. If you want you can print the whole thing down as a PDF.

terminate ElitePartner

If you want to terminate ElitePartner, you can put it under your letterhead following with date text. Adds then your name in the greeting and send all by mail from:

EliteMedianet GmbH
Sandtorkai 50
20457 Hamburg

Cancel my subscription ElitePartner

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby cancel my contract with Elite Parter timely manner as soon as possible. Please send me written notice of receipt stating its subscription end time. A touch your part for the purpose of (re) advertising is not desired.

Best regards

Provided that the period of use of your ElitePartner subscription has expired, you can now delete your profile on the website.

Elite partners: Delete profile

To delete your elite partner profile, it proceeds as follows:

  1. Log on you a ElitePartner.de.
  2. Click here to delete my data, basic data, personal data.
  3. Considering that by deleting your profile enters no cancellation of your subscription. This must make it additionally as described above.

Note: After the cancellation of your Elite Partners profile can this not reactivate. So stores where applicable, information that you may still need it later.

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