Attack on Amazon Echo: We Telekom has a smart speaker

Apparently, the German Telekom wants to get some of a piece of the pie of the smart speaker. With the magenta Wizard, the company Amazon Echo, Google Home and also the HomePod Apple wants to compete.

Attack on Amazon Echo: We Telekom has a smart speakerSource: Telekom

For years, you want to have planned the project behind closed doors and developed. Now it is time to present it to the public. As Michael Hagspihl, head of the retail banking business of Deutsche Telekom, to the world said it should be, for the magenta Wizard is a "first offer according to German data protection laws." The smart speaker that can be activated by "Hello Magenta" it is to take on the competition from Apple, Amazon and Google; a niche is not the goal.

Whether this will succeed in the language assistant Telekom remains open until the start of next year. wants to launch a beta test of the developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology in Oldenburg speaker early 2018th The sale, estimated retail price of less than 150 euros, should start in the spring.

As a partner will be the start Weather Online, gate alarm and radio player on board. While there are reportedly talking with the news, Napster, Rewe, Otto and Lidl. The negotiations with the grocery chains indicate that they are ready to face so that the growing competition from Amazon contrary. For some time, food can be ordered directly to your door with Amazon Fresh including Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

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Hybrid Wizard: Telekom integrated Alexa

Unlike Siri or Alexa magenta wizard to receive any personality, but merely serve as a kind of remote control. Besides its own solution but the Telekom seems to want to play it safe and bring under the same device and Amazon's Alexa. Another possibility is the integration of Google Assistant.

This is helpful because many suppliers of smart home accessories are currently only compatible with the assistant of Apple Amazon and Google. to establish a new, own standard, would be difficult for the Telekom.

Privacy promise with gaps

With a privacy promise but the Telekom wants to lure the German clientele. So the voice commands to be transmitted only to servers in Germany and is automatically deleted from there after 30 days.

The problem here: it applies only to commands to the magenta wizard. Who uses the far more extensive range of Alexa, still sends its data to Amazon. The same will probably apply to the Google Assistant, the Telekom should decide to also integrate it into their smart speaker.

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Whether the German Telekom will have success with the magenta wizard remains to be seen. In the past, Telekom had failed to alternatives to already existing services such as WhatsApp, iTunes or Netflix.

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