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The pdfsam Download helps you to split and merge PDF files. The program name is accordingly to &# 8220; PDF Split and Merge&# 8221 ;.

Note: In addition to the here offered for download, free Basic version of pdfsam there is also the fee pdfsam Enhanced, which has enhanced functionality. This can earn their under previous link on the side of the manufacturer.

With the pdfsam download gets her a program that breaks down the PDF files and putting together pages of a PDF to a file. According to the program name stands for &# 8220; PDF Split and Merge&# 8221 ;. but the pdfsam download can extract even more, namely pages from existing PDF files. So an action is necessary if you want to use only one chapter from a file, for example, in order to send an e-mail. Another occasion when you need just outlines of a PDF file, are presentations.


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Pdfsam Download: Additional capabilities of the PDF tools

In addition, the pdfsam Download able to rotate PDF pages. It is also possible with the tool to nest PDFs and edit PDF documents in visual mode and merge. PDF generators there are some others, but pdfsam offers features that are not present in most free PDF generators. Will you not buy the expensive Adobe Acrobat program you, is pdfsam recommended if you work regularly with PDFs.

  • Reliable and easy to use
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