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The Oscar-nominated film &Foxcatcher; # 8220&# 8221; Miller is a great movie succeeded Bennett. The film is based on the true events that have occurred on the Foxcatcher farm in the 1990s. Therefore, we want briefly the background and the true story of &Foxcatcher; # 8220&# 8221; illuminate.

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Warning: spoilers regarding &Foxcatcher; # 8220&# 8221; can follow!

Who &Foxcatcher; # 8220&# 8221; has seen, knows that the fascination of the film of mainly of the figure John du Pont, of the film Steve Carell embodied emanates. On the acting level Carell are the behaviors and facial expressions and gestures of the multimillionaire again impressive. It is the paranoia and the choleric, the Sun brings Carell on the screen that they (not just Mark SchultzChanning Tatum), But also to the audience in the cinema hall transfers.

But who was actually John du Pont, the extent struck up to the psycho that he Ringer 1996 Dave Schultz down lap? Let's examine the background of the &Foxcatcher; # 8220&-Mordes; #. 8221

Our criticism Foxcatcher

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Foxcatcher backgrounds

In the film, the time between leaving the Foxcatcher Farm by Mark Schultz and the shooting of his brother Dave is skipped imperceptibly. In reality, there were some years in which John du Pont was increasingly exposed to a psychological decay. He wanted to convince his servants and bodyguards that about things coming out of the walls and that all black is evil. So ultimately had to all African-American wrestlers leave the farm in his team.

In addition, John du Pont his drug and alcohol use in the years to have increased before the murder, so there was an incident before the confrontation with Dave Schultz: He is said to have threatened another wrestler with a gun, what this even local police reported. However, this did nothing, however, as John du Pont because of his generosity to the police &# 8211; Donations, training area on the Foxcatcher grounds etc. &# 8211; Benefits enjoyed.

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His mental problems stem mainly from his childhood and was raised by his mother &# 8211; Tony Soprano says hello by the way. He grew up completely isolated and had only one friend. However, this was paid for by you Ponts mother to spend time with him.

His insane ideas of power were at the end so far that he sometimes wore only and an orange track suit as of its employees &Dalai Lama; # 8220&# 8221; wanted to be addressed. What it ultimately results persuaded to shoot the workers employed by him coach Dave Schultz, was never clarified. but his paranoia and his psychological condition suggest motives &# 8211; Envy, anger, fear.

Shortly after John du Pont Dave Schultz was shot down, he barricaded himself for two days in his house, until finally it was able to provide the police. He had gone out to put the heater again after the police had left him the power.

If you want to look around in the vicinity of the property once, can enter to Google the following address: Newton Square, PA 19,073th where John du Pont lived.


Source: The Guardian

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