How does Madbid? We solve the mystery

How does Madbid? We solve the mystery

How does MadBid? Can I access the site really an iPhone for just 5 euro bid? Or are they just a clever ploy to draw hard-earned money out of unsuspecting customers? In the following guide we clarify and reveal whether the bidding with MadBid's worth a try.
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How does MadBid?

  • Madbid is a so-called penny auction. The trend is originally from Britain and the United States and gains for some years now in our increasingly popular. The designation refers to the workings of the auction.
  • With each bid, the final price to just a penny or with us is driven by one cent higher.
  • is offered at MadBid live. On the website numerous offers are active at any time day or night. Once you have logged in you, you find yourselves a bid out and begin to offer.
  • Of course, you are not alone: ​​Other people also offer and after each bid starts a timer to run (for example, for 30 seconds). When all the people got out or the timer reaches zero without bids, the auction is over and the last bidder gets the product.
  • As far as all sounds quite simple. Unfortunately, however, there is a catch.
MadBidMadBid promises insane prices. Unfortunately, the prices of the products is not the only thing that is mad at MadBid are.

How really works Madbid?

The operators of MadBid have to somehow make money. to buy iPhones and sell off at minimum prices is not economically viable, no matter what may get discount operators MadBid to the goods. The real source of income MadBid are therefore the bids themselves. These are in fact not free, but costs money &# 8211; and not too little.

  • The bidding does not work for MadBid with money, but by so-called Bids.
  • Depending on the auction you need a certain number of bids per bid. For coveted goods like iPhone, tablet or cars you need an average of 8 bids. The Bids buys her before the auction in the form of bundles (for example, 100 bids for 12 euros).
  • Each bid with the specified number of bids increases the final price of the product by 1 cent.
  • So at auction with eight bids per bid you pay effective 96 cents a given bid.
  • If you lose the auction or leaving early, the full purchased Bids are gone anyway. Compensation does not exist.

A detalliertes (and amazing) calculation example together Conclusion be found in the following article:

MadBid - How serious is the online auction site?

However, it should now be clear that MadBid has more gambling as a serious auction. You have to pay to be allowed to offer any, have no collateral and because the whole system also runs entirely online, it is difficult to assess impossible what is really going on in the background.

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