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Many players report problems when starting 7 Days to Die. It is apparently not difficult to survive in the zombie apocalypse, but also to enter the first. We give you a few pointers in this guide on how you can start 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die: game does not start - we have solutions

7 Days to Die appear on 28 June 2016 and many players already have the chance to advance to plunge into the struggle for survival. Since it is a shame if it does not even come into the ruthless world of survival game. Over time, some errors are not corrected but unfortunately new ones are added. If you can not start the game, we have solutions for you.

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7 Days to Die does not start: We have a solution!

If you can not start the game appears frequently unknown error. This information benefits a player usually relatively little. To solve the problem, you can:

  • In your Steam library 7 Days to Die Click.
  • Chooses characteristics out.
  • Then go to the tab local files.
  • Now click on verify game cache integrity.
  • now try to start the game.

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If this fails, you can try another way. The game is preset in Windows to 64-bit and you may have to install a 32-bit version, otherwise the unknown errors may occur. Follow these steps for:

  • Go to the appropriate drive in your Steam folder.
  • Selects it from the SteamApps folder.
  • Now click on the folder Common.
  • Here you can see a list of your Steam games.
  • Go to your 7 Days to Die folder.
  • Here you see several files, among others also Install files.
  • Click on the file: Install 32 bits
  • Now start the game

other possible solutions and different error messages are discussed on Steam. If the game now but do not run with you, take a look at the official forum of Steam.