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Castle Lothric

  1. You can Greirat now send to his final prey tour. But does this not because no matter what you tried, he dies anyway. Even if her patches told about it.
  2. You find a Undead bone fragments under the bridge after the beacon &Drachenhort; # 8220&# 8221;. Jump to from the bridge to the increase including before you get caught, the Breath of the dragon.
  3. Climbs before Nebeltor for Boss Dragonslayer armor side of the building up and goes over the rooftops to the other side and into the interior of the ladder back down. Follow the corridor to the Sunlight Altar to pray and for that gesture &# 8220; Blessed be the sun&# 8221; to get.
  4. You can find the Folios of Lothric in the room next to the white dragon left. For this you've got to let fall down before Nebeltor the boss left.
  5. Have you given Irina of Carim no dark tome and not learned the appropriate wonder of it, you can for the boss fight Eygon of Carim Summon. After the fight, you can see the undead settlement and buy his armor in the Shrine Maiden his body in Irina's original cell.
  6. Irina's Quest can end at this point in two ways.
  7. Good end: Have you given her the tome of Carim and Lothric or given her all four folios, but learned no dark wonder of it, it becomes a fire guardian. It is then up camp at the bottom left of the fire tape Shrine and ascend you can with her in the stage. Have you given her the Tome of the abyss and Londor, they will leave him, and you may be able subsequently Karla the witch give.
  8. Bad ending: Have you Irina given the tome of the abyss or Londor and learned some dark miracle of it, it will disappear and finally resurface near the beacon of Iudex Gundyr. Now you may also encounter Eygon of Carim here and will attack you. you defeat him, you can then buy the armor in the Shrine Maiden. Acquire it now still dark wonder of Irina, you will completely destroy and they will be for you no more than dealer available. Then pulls her Eygons cuffs and talk to her, she will pray you to kill. Then you can bring to the Shrine Maiden and buy remaining wonder with her her ashes.
Under the bridge there is another undead bone fragments.Under the bridge there is another undead bone fragments.

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