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Is your PDF reader no longer up to date, you will receive the error message &# 8220; Adobe Reader is out of date&# 8221; displayed. Do not worry, you have now is not necessarily download the new version, it's also about the integrated update of the reader. We tell you how you can update Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader: Update - update the free PDF reader

In a few steps to Adobe Reader update

the latest version of Adobe Reader you have to this not necessarily download download, but can thus oppose any other problems simultaneously with the PDF reader.

  1. Decides ye take this step, you click on the Adobe Reader installation on the button "Complete"
  2. Next, the program must be started this, you click on the desktop icon of Adobe Reader
  3. Then you will be asked to accept the license terms
  4. Once done, you click the top of the menu bar to the menu item "Help" and then "Looking for updates"
  5. If an update is available, the window available with the message "Update&# 8221;

    Adobe Reader: There is an update available. Download now to prevent security breachesAdobe Reader: There is an update available. Download now to prevent security breaches

  6. From this window, there is then also the possibility to download the latest update to Adobe Reader immediately - with the help of the field "Download"
  7. After that indicates that this is "update ready to install". After clicking on the button "To install" appeared on a charging window, indicating the progress of the installation process
  8. Unless the update process went smoothly, the Adobe Reader Updater window displays the message: "Update Succeed"
  9. Do you want to make sure that the version of Adobe Reader installed is still the date you therefore, is as described above before and then get the message "No updates available"

Adobe Reader: Automatic update notification

Will you possibly in Adobe Reader settings with regard to the notification of current program versions adapt, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. In the top menu bar you click first on "To edit" and then "Preferences"
  2. Then it navigates to the point "Updater" at the bottom of the drop-down menus
  3. Here you can now choose between three options to update the Adobe Reader:
    1. "Automatically install updates": This is especially handy if you do not even go in search of the latest version of the program and an automatic installation wishes
    2. Download "updates automatically. specify when to install them " : Offers itself as a second option and can optionally be useful if you want to learn about the new features and hazards of the latest version in advance previously.
    3. "Do not automatically download and install updates": is open to especially cautious users. In this way the user decide when he makes an Adobe Reader update again