Export Firefox Bookmarks: Save for other computers

There are various reasons why you should export with Firefox bookmarks. For one, it is a sure way to save the stored products externally if a crash even require a restore, on the other bookmarks for another computer can be exported in this way.

The process of exporting is easy here. Opens the first thing the menu of the bookmark. For that you go either via the Firefox button on bookmark selected with the yellow star or far right of the search bar, click the Bookmarks menu and Show All Bookmarks (Ctrl + Shift + B) out.

firefox bookmarks backup

Export Firefox Bookmarks

1. Is it you now in the Bookmarks menu, select the tab Import and Backup (Alt + I)

2. Now, select Save (Alt + S)

3. Firefox will open a new window where you can search through searching for a location for your bookmarks

4. Confirms storage with click on the button to save

Import Firefox Bookmarks

Should you want to now your exported Firefox bookmarks to another computer transfer, you can save the file easily on an external storage medium and transmitted. To bookmark now againĀ import, read on the related article.

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What actually export Firefox bookmarks

You can synchronize multiple computers and for that import the same bookmarks. This process via Firefox Sync is designed easy and goes quickly out of hand.

You will also can also export directly as document bookmarks. The saved bookmarks or bookmarks are then as an HTML document in front of your computer. They can be re-read by the bookmark manager and interpreted.


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